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Repotting ficus benjamina

Repotting ficus benjamina

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Question: Repotting of ficus benjamina

Hi everyone, I have a problem with a ficus benjamina.
I've had it for about 5 years, I recovered it by sticking a small twig in a vase and since then it has grown very luxuriant up to 2.80 m. about. Perhaps the problem is trivial but it causes me anxiety. For a few months now, it has started to lose a lot of leaves and, although I have managed to give it fertilizer and to maintain a temperature of around 13 degrees, the leaves continue to fall copiously. Can anyone help me? Thanks

Repotting ficus benjamina: Question: Repotting of ficus benjamina

Your ficus must probably be repotted.
It is not clear from your message when you performed the last repotting, but it is likely that if it has grown much in height it has also made many roots that need new nutrients. For now it is advisable to reduce watering and place it away from heat sources in a luminous position but not in direct sunlight (see the tips for the month of December to follow for the houseplants). Towards the beginning of April, change the vase (which must be no more than four or five centimeters in diameter larger than the old one) and place the plant outside in a semi-shaded area (increasing the watering and fertilizing every two weeks with specific fertilizer for indoor plants). Your plant will soon be luxuriant.
For more information on ficus see also the monographic card in the "houseplants" section.
See you soon.


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