Roots too developed

Roots too developed

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Question: Roots too developed

Hi I have had a grandiflora magnolia for more than fifteen years, but lately its roots have lifted my path made of porphyry, laid only with sand, now I wanted to fix the avenue but I will probably have to cut the roots, what will happen to my magnolia that now it will be about six meters high ????????
Is there an alternative to root cutting ???? Thank you for your attention, and waiting for your welcome reply
Best regards ... Luciano.

Roots too developed: Question: Roots too developed

Dear Luciano,
We thank you for contacting us regarding your problem with the roots of the magnolia through the "" expert's column.
The problem that poses us is certainly not easy to resolve, very often when we plant trees in a garden we do not take into account their subsequent development which in its case has caused problems for its avenue.
Cutting the roots of magnolia is certainly not the best solution for the plant, first of all because it could lose stability and would no longer be securely anchored to the ground, and then because cutting a portion of the roots the plant would not receive the nutrition necessary for the its best development.
An alternative to cutting the roots could be to move the magnolia to another part of its garden, in this case you could contact a local nurseryman who would surely know how to best advise you on how to carry out this intervention.


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