Rosa Augusta Luise

Rosa Augusta Luise

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This beautiful rose is reminiscent of English roses due to the shape of the flower, the color and the intense fragrance. The cup-shaped flower, really very large and well swirled, opens up showing in all its splendor a color whose shades range from peach inside to show a porcelain pink with light creamy white brushstrokes. Healthy, vigorous and brilliant vegetation. Excellent disease resistance. Re-flowering until frost. Very intense aroma.
This variety belongs to the family of tea hybrids, roses appreciated above all for their long and lasting flowering. This type of plant usually reaches 120 cm in height.

Rosa Augusta Luise: Growing roses

For the cultivation of roses, it is not necessary to make large transactions. These plants are quite easy to grow and care for, being hardy and hardy varieties. The Augusta Luise variety lends itself to being used for the creation of colored and perfumed corners, which can strongly characterize the entire garden. It is good to place the plants in rather bright areas, where they can be exposed to direct sunlight for a few hours a day, preferably when the outside temperatures are not too high in the summer season. Otherwise it is better to provide a semi-shadow location. Choose a rich soil with good drainage, which does not allow the formation of water stagnation and at the end of the cold season place a slow release fertilizer at the foot of the plant that will help vigorous and compact growth.


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