Pink Dream

Pink Dream

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And a low rose, with a compact behavior and a rich bloom. Indicated as a ground cover due to its very bushy and hanging growth. The intense pink color enriches the range of existing roses. Very lush foliage and bright green.
Height 0.90 m. ca. Mini shrubby.

Dream Rose: floribunde roses

The pink dream is a variety of floribunda rose. Thanks to its abundant flowering and the splendid coloring of its petals, it is one of the most loved and cultivated roses in the garden. The floribunde roses are hybrids derived from the cross between hybrids of tea and polianta roses. To cultivate them at their best, it is necessary to know their cultivation needs. Then place them in sunny areas where they can receive sunlight directly during the day. The soil must be light and rich in organic substance and certainly well drained. Irrigation of our plants must be carried out once a week. In cases of drought, increase the doses of water.