Cultivation of scheflera

Cultivation of scheflera

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Cultivation of scheflera:

Schefflera is a tropical shrub, cultivated as a houseplant. It needs to be placed in a good aerated soil, rich in nutrients and characterized by an excellent drainage; in planting it we choose a large vase, which leaves a good space for development to the radical apparatus, but not excessively large. Fill the container with a mixture consisting of universal soil, a little slow release granular fertilizer specific for green plants, and some handfuls of sand or pumice stone, to ensure excellent drainage to the substrate. These plants need minimum winter temperatures above 10-12 ° C, so they find space in the apartment, or at least in a stairwell or in a well-protected terrace. They prefer bright locations, but shaded, and not directly affected by sunlight, which could damage the foliage. It is advisable to place the schefflere in a position in which the entire plant can enjoy good lighting, to prevent it from developing foliage only on the upper branches. With the passing of the years the schefflere tend to "empty" in the lower part of the stem, it is in these cases advisable to intervene by pruning the tallest leaves tufts, so as to push the plant to produce foliage for the whole length of the stem. Watering must be very regular, from March to September, supplying small amounts of water, so that the substrate is never soaked with water. During the winter we water only occasionally, not forgetting however to increase the environmental humidity by vaporizing the foliage with demineralized water. We also periodically clean the leaves using a damp microfibre cloth; in this way we will always obtain a shiny foliage and discourage the development of the cochineal, which often afflicts the schefflere.