Plant head division

Plant head division:

Perennial, well-developed perennial plants can be propagated by the division method; generally in autumn, when the plants are about to enter a period of vegetative rest. We proceed by removing the plant from the soil in which it is grown; let's shake it well to remove the soil attached to the roots, in this way we can better evaluate the dimensions of the root system. To get new plants we divide the head in some portions, trying to avoid damaging the foreign vegetative parts; for this operation we use well sharpened and sterilized shears, in order to make clean and clean cuts; possibly we clean and disinfect the blades of the instrument every time we are going to divide a new plant. We check that each portion made retain a good amount of well developed roots, to encourage the engraftment of the new plant. Once the new plants have been prepared, we place them in a good soft and rich substrate, which also has an excellent drainage. Let's water the soil thoroughly.