Senecio cineraria is a small perennial with yellow flowers and greyish foliage; on the market there are numerous hybrids with autumnal and spring flowering, which produce a roundish bush, with silvery leaves at the base, surmounted by very many small flower heads, of various colors, from blue to pink, from yellow to red, very lively and dacorative . These small shrubs are placed in the garden, in the ground or invaded; especially the colored flower hybrids are cultivated in pots, because they fear the cold and must therefore be sheltered in a sheltered place during the winter. To maintain the luxuriant flowering it is essential to water the plants regularly, avoiding to wet flowers and leaves; for this reason it is advisable to water the potted plants by immersion, in this way we will wet the soil thoroughly, without compromising the plants. During flowering it is good to remove the withered buds; when the last flowers remain, we recommend practicing a more vigorous pruning, halving all the branches of the small bush in order to keep it compact.