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Prefabricated barbecue

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Deciding to install a barbecue in your garden presents you with a choice of many models, each with specific characteristics, or even the possibility of making it yourself. Those who are unfamiliar with this kind of work, but still want to occupy a space with a barbecue of a certain effect, can always decide to orientate themselves on prefabricated models. These are very comfortable solutions, and whoever decides to install it will only have to take the measures relating to the space available and look for the model that corresponds to his needs.


Today the market has greatly diversified the offer of prefabricated barbecues because the request is considerably increased. It is possible to find any kind of it, with or without oven, equipped with support shelves or other. The structure of a prefabricated building essentially follows that of a masonry barbecue. It must necessarily be fixed to the ground, and this operation makes it more stable, moreover it is practically already complete and immediately usable. Compared to a self-made barbecue, for which the production time is quite long, in this case it is only necessary to transport it from the shop to your own home. This type has all the features necessary to make it a fairly durable barbecue. In addition, the material used was specifically chosen to be resistant to atmospheric agents, and if left in the rough processing it is specifically made to allow water to slide over it. Furthermore, the prefab is suitable for any outdoor environment. The most commonly used material is stone because it is aesthetically pleasing and because it has high resistance.


The prefabricated barbecue it comes in different models, for example it may or may not have a chimney. The one with the chimney is certainly more comfortable because it allows the smoke to disperse and not to invade the dining area, while the one without the chimney is identified for the most part in a basic model, and the dispersion of the smoke usually follows the direction of the wind . Some models are rather small in size to meet the needs of those with limited space, but still offer the possibility to choose all the accessory elements according to their needs. The grill can also be made of lava stone, a material that is able to maintain an ideal temperature even for a long time. In the garden or under a gazebo, the prefabricated barbecue it is certainly the ideal element. Although not having a strongly incisive structure on the space, if placed in the right place, it turns out to be the focal element of the garden.

Advice for installation and maintenance

The corner dedicated to the dining area cannot certainly not have a barbecue, and to choose it in the prefabricated version will avoid, compared to the barbecue with wheels, to always have to move it because it will always remain fixed in the same place. It is advisable to avoid planting trees near it, and always keep the flame under control. The compartment in which the brazier is located must be properly cleaned after the coals or wood have completely extinguished. It is preferable to postpone this operation to the day after use. Deep cleaning involves the total suction of all the ash and also the washing of the grill itself. It may happen that the fat of the cooked dishes has considerably dirty the grill. In this case, before washing it should be cleaned with a steel brush. You can always ask the dealer for advice, as each grill requires proper cleaning. To close the brazier area, if the barbecue does not provide it, it will be necessary to provide for the construction of a small door in order to keep it cleaner. The refractory bricks are quite easy to clean, a sponge and water are enough. The costs depend on the model chosen and the material with which it was made.

Different solutions for every need

Only by going around the shops will you realize how endless the solutions presented for prefabricated barbecues are. Despite requiring to be purchased as they are presented, they are equipped with every kind of comfort and also with a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Easy to install, they require minimal cleaning and remain unaltered in their structure for many years. It is a garden element very suitable for anyone with a small green corner. Installation requires only a support base and you can immediately start grilling the meat. Carefully evaluating the different proposals, you will notice that each one has been specifically designed to correspond to everyone's needs.

Prefabricated barbecue: barbecue: prefabricated barbecue

When we talk about masonry barbecues we generally refer to two different types of barbecues: those in prefabricated bricks and those assembled.
The prefabricated barbecue can be found and therefore purchased from any type of specialized shop that sells items for gardening and outdoor furniture.
The masonry barbecue will be offered in different types and sizes.
When buying a brick barbecue, the dimensions must be properly assessed.
Once installed in the garden, in fact, the masonry barbecue cannot be removed and moved.
This is true even if we are talking about a assembled barbecue to be assembled.
As for form and color, here you can give vent to your creativity.
The barbecue, especially in masonry, becomes a real design object and therefore also the characteristics must be harmonious with the furnishings of your entire garden.


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