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Hosta plants

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Hosta Halcyon

Halcyon is a species belonging to the group of medium-large Hosta plants. It loves the exposures in half-shade or in the shade, it has medium-sized, oval and lanceolate leaves that become heart-shaped once they reach maturity.
The Halcyon is one of the most beautiful species of hostas thanks to its precious leaves of intense blue color. The flowers instead appear lavender or white, carried on medium-low and thick scapes with abundant blooms. This elegant variety, widely distributed, is considered one of the most beautiful of the 'Tardiana' group. As for watering, the plant should be bathed regularly so as to prevent the roots from drying out. Dried flowers should be cut at the end of flowering. A suggestion to obtain even more flowers is to use a fertilizer to be placed in the irrigation water.

Hosta Krossa Regal

The Krossa Regal is a very large plant, reaching in fact the 75 cm of height and 100 cm of width and is lover of the exposures in shade-half shade. Its leaves are very large, lanceolate and slightly wavy, glaucous, pruinose, carried on erect petioles. The flower is instead lavender-colored funnel-shaped, carried on 140 cm high scapes, sometimes curiously zig-zagging. For optimal growth of Krossa Regal it is important to choose the most suitable soil type. Perfect are the fat, clay and sandy substrates where the plant finds its ideal habitat to develop. Also, pay attention to humidity! Only with the right precautions can the plant develop at its best. As far as the cultivation soil is concerned, we can say that it may have an acid, alkaline and neutral pH.

Hosta fluctuans Sagae

Fluctuans Sagae is a decidedly large variety; it reaches 85 cm in height and 120 cm in diameter. The preferred exposure is the shadow or the partial shade and the type of growth is quite slow. The fluctuans Sagae is a plant of notable effect for its elegant bearing and for this very appreciated as an ornamental plant. The leaves are very large, heart-shaped, gently wavy, variegated with a light green and dark green cream and center edge, carried horizontally on erect petioles. The flowers appear funnel-shaped, of pale lavender color, carried on medium-high scapes.

Hosta Great Expectations

Among the Hosta plants, this variety is characterized by its large size, the tufts reach 75 cm in height and the same in diameter, remarkable both for the leaves and for the flowers, it is probably the best known mutation of H. sieboldiana. It is a plant that loves sun exposure, relatively slow growth and excellent for use as an isolated specimen. The leaves are large, rounded, bullous and wavy, with a cream and chartreuse center and a dark green edge tending to glaucous. The flowers have a bell-shaped, white color, carried in dense masses on rather short scapes.

Fragrant Bouquet

The Fragrant Bouquet is a medium sized hosta, with a height of about 45 cm and a diameter of 65 cm. It grows well in environments that are well exposed to the sun or to sun, is vigorous and rapidly growing and is a remarkable variety both for the leaves and for the flowers. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, wavy, variegated light green and chartreuse with ivory margin while the flowers are funnel-shaped, large, extremely fragrant white, with high scape. Its flowering period corresponds with the month of August and September when it reaches its maximum height. If you want to combine the plant with other species, the best are the Convallaria, the ferns, the Anemone and the Persicaria.

Azure Snow

The Azure snow is a variety of large hosta, usable both as an isolated specimen and as a ground cover. He is fond of shady exposures, has elongated green blue leaves, slightly wavy at the edge; the underside of the leaves is white. the flowers of the Azure Snow are funnel-shaped lavender-colored, carried on tall floral scapes.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree species is a large-sized variety belonging to the hosta genus. The mature specimens reach 90 cm in diameter and 50 in height, excellent for partial shade exposures. The leaves are large, heart-shaped, bullous, variegated with a cream edge and dark green with gray-green veins, while the flowers are bell-shaped and lavender-colored.

Diamond Tiara

Small in size, the plants reach 30 cm in height and 70 cm in diameter when fully developed. The Diamond Tiara is a lover of shade, vigorous and rapid growth, it is excellent used for borders or coverings. The leaves are small, heart-shaped, variegated with a dark green center and white border while presenting lavender striated purple flowers carried on tall floral scapes.

El Captain

Medium to large variety, it reaches 60 cm in height and 130 in diameter. An attractive cultivar with variegated leaves, the El Captain species has a shaded yellow margin of chartreuse and gray-green with a dark green center. The host plants of the El Captain species, have lavender flowers carried on a flower-scape twice as tall as the plant.

Hosta plants: Camelot

Plant of medium-small size, it forms a head 60 cm wide and 35 high. The leaves of the Hosta Camelot are intensely blue, heart-shaped and of medium size. The flowers are bell-shaped, practically white and carried on a flower-scape slightly higher than the plant. Lover of shady exhibits is considered one of the most beautiful varieties belonging to the 'Tardiana' group.


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