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Tuberous Begonias

Tuberous Begonias

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Begonia socotrana

Origin: Socotra Island (Indian Ocean). Maximum height: 45 cm. Rare rare species, commonly used to form hybrid varieties or Lorena begonias. The leaves are green and have a rounded shape; the flowers are bright pink. The flowering period is
December January.

Begonia tuberhybrida

It is grown in gardens. Dimensions: height between 30/60 cm; diameter of 30/40 cm. The leaves are green; the flowers are large and of various colors (white, yellow, orange, fuchsia, yellow-orange variegated, etc.). Within this species there is also the group of pendulous begonias that have slender stems and flowers, single or double, pendulous and small. In general, flowering occurs between June and September.

Begonia dedalea

Provenance: Mexico. Dimensions: height and diameter of about 30 cm. It has large leaves which, when young, are red and which, over time, turn green with mahogany-colored veins. The flowers are white, with pink shades; flowering occurs in the summer period.

Begonia rex

Provenance: Assam. Dimensions: height up to 30 cm; diameter of about 50 cm. It is the main progenitor of the group of foliage hybrids. Characteristics of this species are the leaves, dark green, puckered and with a silver edge. The flowers, which bloom rather rarely from June to September and only on adult plants, are pale pink and form small upright bunches.

Begonia semperflorens

Provenance: Brazil. Dimensions: height and diameter vary from 15 to 40 cm. Dwarf species, very branched. The flowers can be white, red, pink and are generally very numerous. The flowering period is from June to September-October.

Tuberous Begonias: Begonia coccinea

Provenance: Brazil. Dimensions: height about 2 meters; diameter about 1 meter. Shrubby species. The leaves are green with red margins. The flowers are gathered in panicles and are coral red; flowering occurs from May to October.