How to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse?

How to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse?

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The agricultural technology of growing cucumbers in greenhouses and greenhouses does not differ from growing them in the open field. However, it is still worth dwelling in more detail on how to grow cucumbers in a greenhouse correctly and with the guarantee of a rich harvest.

Be sure to disinfect the soil and greenhouse structures before sowing cucumbers in the greenhouse. After the autumn harvest, the greenhouses are treated with a solution of bleach, and in the spring they disinfect the soil with a solution of potassium permanganate, spilling it in a proportion of 3 g of potassium permanganate per 10 liters of water.

When plants bloom, pollinating insects should be provided with access to the greenhouses. Also, an important point is to ensure ventilation of the greenhouse or greenhouse, but without strong drafts, cucumbers do not like them. In case of a strong draft, carbon dioxide vigorously evaporates from the greenhouse, which is so necessary for the formation of female flowers on plants. The formation of carbon dioxide is facilitated by the introduction of organic fertilizers into the soil or by covering the plants with a mullein, but so that it does not touch the stems of the cucumbers.

In greenhouses, cucumbers are grown on a trellis, and when the plant reaches a height of about 2 meters, its main stem is pinched. The pinching is carried out over 2-3 leaves after the last set of the fetus. And to increase fruiting, you need to pinch the plants over 4-5 leaves.

It is recommended to observe the temperature regime without sudden changes, this has a bad effect on the formation of fruits and the root system.

Cucumbers for good growth require high humidity (about 70-90%) and soil - 50-60%. Cucumbers show stable growth when watering by sprinkling.

If you follow the tips on how to grow cucumbers most efficiently in a greenhouse, fresh cucumbers will be on your table all summer and fall.

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