Unusual potato growing technology

Unusual potato growing technology

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There are two types of gardeners-gardeners: those who grow vegetables and flowers mainly for their own pleasure and those who strive, with their maximum effort, to get a proportionate harvest. The second category of gardeners reads a lot about the processes of growing, about innovations in the field of horticulture, in order to keep abreast of innovations and techniques to increase the fruiting of crops grown.

For such people who are fond of it, the original potato growing technology.

The new is the well-forgotten old. This technology was used 200 years ago, but then it was forgotten, but in vain. It's about growing potatoes ... under straw! Are you surprised? And this method creates a kind of thermal curtain around the tuber, providing a certain microclimate conducive to obtaining high yields.

The essence of the cultivation technology under straw is as follows: on unloosened (!) beds, potato tubers are laid out at a distance of 30 cm from each other, but they are not buried or covered with earth, but covered with a layer of straw 35-40 cm thick.You do not need to dig the beds, loosen the soil, dig holes for each nodule !

Caring for potatoes planted in this way is simple: sometimes you add fresh straw and water.

When in the fall your neighbors, without straightening their backs, dig out potatoes, instead, you simply lift up the straw and collect 4-5 large, ripe clean potatoes!

According to gardeners' reviews, the technology of growing potatoes under straw allows you to get 380 kg of selected tubers from a hundred square meters!

I hope you are interested in this method and you will try it in your garden.

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