How to grow viola from seeds for seedlings

How to grow viola from seeds for seedlings

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Viola is popularly known as "Pansies". In order for it to delight everyone with its flowering throughout the season, you need to know how to grow viola from seedsto then transplant it to a permanent place.

For pansy flowers to appear faster, sowing should be done in advance.

To do this, fill the seedling containers (individual pots or a common container for several plants) with soil intended for flowers.
Spread viola seeds over the entire area and cover with a small layer of soil.
The container must be covered with glass to create a greenhouse effect.

Crops are placed in a place protected from direct sunlight, away from the heating system and radiators. Compliance with the temperature regime (less than +21 degrees) contributes to the fastest germination of seeds.

Watering the first shoots, you need to pay attention to the constant soil moisturebut stagnation is unacceptable. When the plant throws out the first two or three leaves, watering from above must be stopped and the pan used, adding water every few days of the day.

After the appearance of the first true leaves on the viola, a pick is made (the distance between the flowers is 6 cm).

Viola is a rather unpretentious plant, does not need special care. Weeding, loosening the soil, watering (periodically with fertilizer) are common procedures.

In the first year of life, viola should not be allowed to picking off the buds that have appeared, then the plant will form with a healthy root system.

In early September, viola seedlings can be planted in a permanent place, after watering the garden bed and replanting with a lump of soil in which they were sown.

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