Celosia pinnate - fire flame on a flower bed

Celosia pinnate - fire flame on a flower bed

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Celosia pinnate belongs to the amaranth family. The Indian Peninsula is considered the homeland of celosia, but for Europe it became an ordinary garden plant only in the Renaissance.

Celosia pinnate is a herbaceous plant, its height reaches one meter. The fruit is a rounded box in which small round shiny black seeds are formed.

Quite a few varieties of cellosis of various colors and heights have been bred

- dwarf (height from 20 to 30 centimeters)
- medium-sized (30-50 centimeters high)
- tall (reaching almost a meter in length)

Celosia is pinnate. Agricultural technology of cultivation

Celosia pinnate prefers warm, sunny places, sheltered from the wind. This plant of southern latitudes dies even with slight frosts, but it tolerates a lack of moisture well. Heavy acidic soils are not to her liking. The soil should be loose, with rotted compost or humus introduced before planting.

Celosia sown seedlings at the beginning of spring, covering the seeds very finely, they are sprayed and covered with foil or glass. Shoots appear in a week. Seedlings dive into boxes, then into separate pots.

High humidity provokes rotting of the seedlings' roots. After the spring frost, the celosia is planted in a permanent place with a distance of at least 20 cm between the plants, as the bushes grow.

Care - weed control, moderate watering and loosening. In summer, you can feed it with mullein infusion or full mineral fertilizer once every couple of weeks. When overfeeding with nitrogen fertilizers, it forms a powerful bush with medium-sized and dim panicles.

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