Nemesia in the photo strikes with a variety of colors

Nemesia in the photo strikes with a variety of colors

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Nemesia in the photo strikes with a variety of colors, and in the genus it has about 50 species. Nemesia is either perennial or annual dwarf shrubs and plants with branched, erect stems up to 60 cm in height and irregularly shaped flowers.

It is better to plant nemesia in a sunny place., however, the plant does not like too hot weather, so for planting it is better to choose not only a bright, but also a well-ventilated place with regular watering, where the earth is moderately fertile, light and moist. Nemesia is an unpretentious plant with good cold resistance.

In order for the plant to bush beautifully, it is necessary to pinch the top, top dressing should be applied three times throughout the summer. If you cut the tops off, regularly water, feed and loosen, then Nemesia can bloom again. It is also necessary to remove flowers that have already lost their decorative effect.

Breeding Nemesia through sowing seeds, which must be carried out in February. Seeds must be sown in individual small pots and placed in a room where the temperature is about 20 degrees, sprouts appear on the eighth day. Plants should be planted in a permanent place after stabbing in May, keeping a distance of 20 cm between plants. But you can sow seeds directly into the open ground at the end of spring, the seedlings should "hatch" in 14 days.

The plant is perfect for prefabricated flower beds and borders, it can be seen how Nemesia looks in the photo in this design. It is also recommended to plant it in balcony boxes and flowerpots, which should then be placed on the south side.

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