Transplanting and caring for raspberries in spring

Raspberry transplant in spring is necessary if the plant has been growing in one area for more than ten years. The principle of transplanting raspberries is no different in practice from planting them.

Raspberries are the most delicious berry for many of us and are very popular for gardening. If you are interested in something how to grow raspberries, we suggest using the following recommendations.

First of all, you definitely need to find a new place for a transplant. We advise you to transplant in autumn or early spring. Before removing the raspberries with the rhizome, it is necessary to dig a hole or trench (for several bushes). Prepare fertilizer in advance by mixing fine sawdust with manure. Cover the bottom of the pit with this mixture.

From an old raspberry bush, you only need a part of the root system with the offspring. Being in the roots, this offspring is formed in one year from the adventitious buds. In order for the germination and cultivation of raspberries to become productive, prepare the indicated offspring in late autumn.

Make sure that the seedlings that you have prepared for planting in the soil are well developed. Pick up those with a fibrous system longer than 15 centimeters. Examine the seedlings for disease.

Growing raspberries
it is especially successful on well-moistened soils, since the roots of the bush go shallowly into the ground and collect moisture on the surface. Therefore, be sure to fertilize the soil as well to ensure that the roots are mineralized. You can plant raspberries in shade and partial shade. With enough sunlight, the berries are poured with sweet juice, become large, and raspberry bush less susceptible to diseases of various origins.

To extend the fruiting period of raspberries until the end of summer, it is necessary to prune the branches. The shorter the stem is cut on the bush, the later it will begin to bear fruit. Raspberries need compulsory care so that they do not become wild, and the berries are not crushed on it. But in general, proper cultivation and raspberry care will bring you rich harvests of sugar and healthy berries.

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