Shrub strawberries exist or not

Shrub strawberries exist or not

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Strawberry is a favorite berry of many. There is a lot of debate on the world wide web about whether bush strawberries exist?

As an inexperienced gardener, I was also interested in this question.

Unfortunately, I don't know what exactly bush strawberry is. Therefore, I will be guided by what I found on the net.

So, as I understand it, linden cuttings are often sold in the markets under the guise of bush strawberries. In real life, I have not met this, so I don't understand why this is needed?

I also came across a link, following which I discovered the sale of bush strawberry seeds. This variety turned out to be a hybrid, it can be grown in hanging pots and on the balcony in a box. But the planting is similar to a regular strawberry.

In general, from everything I studied, I realized one thing: if I was not mistaken in my understanding, then you can take any mustachioed strawberry variety, make a vertical bed, for example, from a barrel. Make holes in it in which to plant seedlings and tendrils of strawberries. It is necessary to plant from above, since then you need to root the drooping mustache below. You should also adapt to watering this "bed", and this may cause problems.

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