Cauliflower: useful properties and agricultural technology

Cauliflower: useful properties and agricultural technology

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Cauliflower is a white, purple or orange cruciferous vegetable, a close relative of the common white cabbage.

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This plant got its name because of the many inflorescences that make up its edible part. The Arabs brought this culture to Europe in the 12th century. At first, it was cultivated only in the Mediterranean, where the climate is quite mild. Then there were varieties suitable for cultivation in the colder countries of Europe and Asia.


  • Chemical composition
  • Beneficial features
  • Agrotechnics

Chemical composition

Cauliflower contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, more than all other types of this vegetable. Its vitamin composition includes:

  • more ascorbic acid than, for example, lemon;
  • biotin (vitamin H), which strengthens the nervous system and is beneficial for the health of hair and nails;
  • vitamin A, which helps to strengthen the immune system;
  • vitamins D, E, H, K, group B;
  • rare vitamin U, capable of recognizing and removing foreign compounds from the body.

Proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, starch, purine compounds, polyunsaturated and organic acids, amino acids, starch and natural sugars - all these components are essential for human health and are found in cauliflower.

Minerals are also an integral part of the plant; it contains iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, molybdenum and other micro and macro elements.

Despite such a complex composition, the calorie content of cauliflower is not high, only 30 kcal per 100 g of product, but at the same time it is easily satiated with it.

Beneficial features

Due to its low calorie content and unique chemical composition, cauliflower and its beneficial properties are widely used in dietary nutrition.

It cleanses the body of toxins and toxins and rejuvenates it, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and bone tissue, helps to normalize metabolism and strengthen immunity, and improves blood formation. The fiber in this product is easily absorbed and does not irritate the digestive tract.

Eating cauliflower and taking juice from it is recommended for the elderly, as well as those with chronic diseases of the stomach, gallbladder, liver and intestines. Boiled or steamed, this vegetable is one of the best complementary foods for babies.

Because of its ability to lower blood glucose levels, cauliflower is indispensable in the diet of those suffering from diabetes. It should be included in the daily diet with high cholesterol, along with other vegetables that help normalize metabolism.

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Regular consumption of the product reduces the likelihood of genital cancer in men and women. Outwardly, the vegetable can be used as a wound healing and anti-burn agent in a mixture of chicken egg white.

Cauliflower dishes should not be overused for gout and purine metabolism disorders.


Growing cauliflower is not particularly difficult, it is important to choose the optimal variety and take into account some of the features. When cultivating in open ground, it is better to prefer early ripening varieties, in a film greenhouse - almost any, you can pick them up so that you can provide yourself with a fresh product from July to September-October. Seedlings are sown around the beginning of March, but it is almost unrealistic to grow them in an apartment or house - it stretches a lot.

To obtain good planting material, you need a greenhouse or at least a greenhouse; if they are absent, it is better to buy ready-made seedlings. It is planted in the ground when the threat of frost has passed in a well-lit place.

Cauliflower is more heat demanding than its white cousin. When the spring temperature drops to 4-5 degrees, its inflorescences can subsequently become very small and tasteless or not set at all. The same will happen if the summer heat lasts too long with warm nights. To prevent this, it is recommended on hot days not only to water the plantings, but also to spray. The most optimal temperature for ripening large heads is 18-20 degrees. To prevent yellowing of the heads, they are covered with broken leaves.

Plant feeding should be done at least three times a season. About a couple of weeks after planting, when the plant takes root, it should be watered with a solution of mullein and full mineral fertilizer. After another 10 days and at the beginning of the formation of the heads, the cabbage should be watered with organic fertilizer with the addition of ash or mineral fertilizers for the cabbage.

The plant does not like acidic soils, so they are limed or dolomite is added. Molybdenum and boron are trace elements necessary for the formation of ovaries, therefore, fertilizers containing them should be included in the last dressing.

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Like other varieties, cauliflower has a fibrous root system located in the top layer of the soil. That is why it is sensitive to the lack of trace elements and moisture. Fresh plantings need to be watered and loosened daily. After the formation of 6-7 leaves, it is spud to form additional lateral roots.

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