Treatment of potatoes before planting from the Colorado potato beetle with herbal and chemical means

Treatment of potatoes before planting from the Colorado potato beetle with herbal and chemical means

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The Kolradsky beetle is a huge problem for gardeners who grow potatoes. Today we will learn how to get rid of the pest in all possible ways, from standard drugs from the store to traditional methods.


  • Safe control methods
  • Safe and folk remedies
  • Chemicals

Safe control methods

Some insect species eat the Colorado potato beetle. These include: ladybugs, ground beetles, praying mantises, some of the spider species. Mulching with straw between rows of potatoes protects the plant from the sun, prevents moisture evaporation and creates an environment where insects that eat the Colorado potato beetle live comfortably.

Manual killing is one of the best ways to control insects. From potato tops, you need to collect beetles, their larvae and egg clutches and destroy them. This can be done daily. If there are a lot of beetles, then substitute the basin, tilt the potato bush over the basin and hit the leaves with a broom. Then insects will fall into the container. Pour ash on the bottom of the basin so that the bugs cannot get out of it.

You can make trench traps, they will help if you have been planting vegetables other than potatoes in the field for several years. Traps help to fight off beetles after they crawl out in the spring or during their crawling in the fall to the wintering site. In the spring, before the beetles appear around the perimeter of the field, dig a trench up to 30 cm deep, its width should be 15-60 cm, with steep walls with a slope of 45-90 °.

Cover it with a rigid black polyethylene film, which is 120-180 cm wide. Press the film firmly against the walls and bottom. On the sides of the film, make holes every 3 m for the water to drain. Those beetles that got into the trench die in a week due to lack of water.

They also make traps directly from potatoes. After planting the potato tubers and before the first leaves grow, it is necessary to cut the potatoes into wedges or slices, put in a bowl, pour the chlorophos solution there and keep there for a day. Then spread the bait across the field. This is best done in rainy weather. In the sun, the potato dries up and no longer attracts the beetle. Also best done in the fall after digging up the potatoes.

Choose potato varieties that are most resistant to the Colorado potato beetle. These are the varieties - "Iskra", "Temp", "Zarevo".

If you install a fine mesh 2 m high around the perimeter of the potato planting, then the beetle will not get to the planting, since it is not able to rise to a similar height. You can buy mosquito nets.

Safe and folk remedies

An organic product from France, which is called the biological product "Colorado potato beetle NO", has appeared in online stores in Russia.

It contains Azadirakhta oil, a plant from India. The drug is soluble in water and contains trace elements. This oil scares off beetles, their larvae will not develop, and adults do not reproduce. The drug is completely safe for people. It is necessary to dilute the preparation with water in a ratio of 1 to 40. The first time the wells are treated with a solution before planting the tubers using a sprayer.

The first shoots that have emerged from the ground are treated for the second time. Then they wait 2 weeks and process the third time. 10 ml of a biological product is sprayed onto a hundred square meters at a time.

You can also try folk remedies:

  1. It is necessary to pollinate the grown potato bushes with ash in a fairly large amount - 10 kg per 1 hundred square meters. Both adults of the Colorado potato beetles and their larvae will die. If you spray the ash on the soil in a thick layer, then the pests that hid in the ground will also die. You can also sprinkle ash into the hole when planting.
  2. 1 piece of laundry soap, 2-liter cans of wood ash are added to a bucket of water. Leave the solution to stand for 15 minutes. 1 liter of the resulting solution is stirred in a bucket of water. This is sprayed on the bushes. They say that 2 such sprays with a break of 1 week will completely drive the beetle off the potato.
  3. Try sowing catnip, sage, tansy, two-horned levkoy, matiola, calendula between the rows of your plantings or along the perimeter of the potato field. Then the beetle will not crawl. But you need to cut off the tops of the plants when they bloom so that they do not multiply. Otherwise, they will grow like weeds.
  4. It is necessary to cut off a certain amount of wormwood, chop it finely, and pour it into a bucket. It is necessary for the wormwood to fill the bucket by 1/3. After that, pour boiling water into the bucket, stir, close the lid and leave the mixture to settle for 2-3 days. Strain the tincture. Spray the wormwood tincture on the bushes.
  5. In autumn, fallen leaves are collected from the hazel. In the spring they are soaked in water - 2 kg per 10 liters of clean water. Insist solution with leaves for 3-4 weeks. Then it is filtered and used.

All these tools and methods are good because they are safe for people.


After the potatoes have grown by 15-25 cm, you can process it with a Bordeaux mixture. They only process it twice. The first time - with a 1.5% solution. You need 150 g of copper sulfate and dilute the same amount of lime in 10 liters of clean water. Mix another solution a second time - 200 g of lime and dilute the same amount of copper sulfate with 10 liters of clean water. Process them 12 days after the first application of the solution to the potato bushes.

You can process potatoes with Prestige only if you harvest in August. As research shows that the drug is neutralized in tubers in 60 days. The drug increases the resistance of potatoes to changes in the external environment, it increases its germination and growth. After planting the tubers treated with Prestige, the substance, under the influence of moisture, penetrates into the soil and is evenly distributed over all sprouts.

In "Prestige" there are: fungicide-pencycuron for protection against diseases for 40 days, and insecticide-imidacloprid, which protects against the Colorado potato beetle for 50 days.

Potato tubers that have been pickled with the drug should be wrapped in plastic wrap when transporting them to the planting site. Be sure to wear protective clothing, a respirator, or a gauze bandage when handling.

Buy the drug "Commander". For use, it must be diluted with water at the rate of 1 ml for 5-10 liters of water. First of all, fill a bucket with 1-2 liters of clean water, then add the preparation, mix the solution well. Add water and mix thoroughly again.

Then it is sprayed across the field at the rate of 5-10 liters per hundred square meters during the period of mass appearance of the Colorado potato beetle. The active ingredient is imidacloprid. He has a protection period of 20 days. It cannot be washed off by rain, nor does it diminish its effect in heat. "Commander" will protect those shoots that have grown after processing; if initially sprayed on the upper side of the leaves.

Its disadvantage is that it is toxic and penetrates the plant, but its toxicity is 7.5 times lower than that of other insecticides. It is enough to treat the field with this preparation once a season. Spray it very early in the morning or in the evening in dry and calm weather.

Buy the Confidor insecticide. It is dissolved at the rate of 1 ml of the product for 5-10 liters of water. Choose the amount of water depending on the stage of development of the plant and the age of the insect. Do not mix the drug with growth regulators, Bordeaux mixture. "Confidor" is possible with oxych or polycarbocin. The drug works well in unfavorable weather conditions, in hot sunny weather and it is not easy to wash it off with rain. It lasts up to 4 weeks.

The Tanrek insecticide is also commercially available. It must be diluted at the rate of 1 ml per 10 liters of pure water. Spray through a sprayer 5 liters per 1 hundred square meters of plantings. Processing is recommended to be carried out once a season, 20 days before harvesting potato tubers. It is best to spray them in the evening or in the morning in dry and calm weather at t + 15 ° C. Be sure to use safety glasses, a respirator, and protective clothing. Store "Tanrek" at t from -25 to +35 ° C.

The drug "Aktara" is effective against a large amount of the Colorado potato beetle. It is introduced into the soil under the root, it acts for 2 months, or it is sprayed with bushes, after which it protects them for about 4 weeks. It is necessary to pour the package of "Aktara" into a 2-liter container and pour 1 liter of clean water.

After that, 1/4 of water is poured into the sprayer and the resulting solution is added. Aktara is not compatible with drugs that have an alkaline reaction. Treatment with "Aktara" must be carried out with gloves, glasses, protective clothing and a respirator. The drug is very toxic to bees - it can be released only 4–5 days after spraying. Do not pour the remains of the drug into open water.

You can apply complex spraying. Take 1 tablet of any insecticidal agent, buy 10 metronidazole tablets at the pharmacy, take 1 tablespoon of azofoska, dilute with 10 liters of water. Potato leaves are sprayed with the solution in the evening, then the drug does not evaporate from the leaves, but is absorbed into them.

It is best to switch to spraying with hazardous chemicals if all other methods and means of dealing with the beetle do not work.

Video about folk methods of dealing with the Colorado potato beetle: