Senior tomato: features of the tomato tree Octopus f1

Senior tomato: features of the tomato tree Octopus f1

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Gardeners have become too frequent with stories that up to a ton of harvest can be harvested from the Octopus f1 tomato tree.

Are you dreaming of growing a tomato tree on your own, but still do not know what is needed for this? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with some recommendations.


  • What is the Octopus tomato tree
  • A little about the intricacies of landing
  • How to care for a tomato tree

What is the Octopus tomato tree

Few people know that the tomato tree is a carp hybrid. The main feature of the plant is that it gives unlimited shoot growth.

Growing such a miracle at home is not easy, but with proper planting and care, it is a completely feasible mission.

The octopus tomato tree grows up to 5 years. It can reach enormous sizes. For example, experts have recorded a tree that has reached 5 meters in length and 6 in width.

Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to grow such a giant in our climatic conditions.

Features of the tomato tree:

  • high yield
  • possibility of long-term growth
  • fruiting in one place
  • high disease resistance
  • pest resistance
  • good tolerance to our climatic conditions

According to experts, the Octopus tomato tree can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

The only condition for growing a tree indoors is a capital greenhouse, which is heated all year round.

So, we managed to find out that the tomato tree Octopus f1 is a carp hybrid. On our territory, the tree is not very common, but all because of the complexity of planting and care.

A little about the intricacies of landing

Hydroponics is the best option for making the tomato feel comfortable. Remember that this condition is mandatory if you want to ensure the tree grows normally and protect it from possible pests and diseases.

The tomato tree has a genetic disposition for branching and growth, so it needs additional care.

Prerequisites for a good harvest:

  • heating the greenhouse. It has already been written above about the need to heat the greenhouse all year round.
  • large capacity for planting. The width of the pot should be up to 1 meter, the height is 0.5 meters
  • container for solution dissolution
  • aquarium compressors, for distributing nutrient mixtures
  • fertilizer that contains an increased amount of trace elements

The hydroponic method is considered to be the best option for growing a tomato tree. It allows you to monitor the condition of the soil and protect the tree from parasites and pests.

Video on what to do if a tomato tree stops growing:

In the first year of life, the plant will be very weak, so it easily succumbs to various diseases. Watch the temperature in the room, in summer it should not exceed 24 degrees Celsius, in winter - 17.

Remember, in the first year of life, the plant should not bear fruit. This is the only way you can get a properly formed tomato tree.

It is better to start fruiting from the second year of the plant's life. Trust me, with the right care, you will be amazed at the amount of fruit you get.

There is no need to peach the tree. The shoots must remain intact. The tomato tree is a unique plant, it will require special attention and care from the gardener. Experienced gardeners say: how much you put in your efforts, you will get the same harvest.

How should you care for a tomato tree?

Tomato tree Octopus f1 loves sunlight. If you grow your plant outdoors, then there should be no problem with light.

As for the greenhouse, be sure to install additional lighting. Without backlighting, the plant will lose some of its foliage and may die altogether.

The tomato tree does not tolerate severe frosts. Try to keep the room temperature from dropping to 17 degrees. Tomato - loves moisture, but moderate.

In winter, 2 waterings per week are sufficient. In the summer, increase the number of "bath procedures" up to 4 times.

The soil for the tree should be:

  • light, but very fertile
  • use liquid fertilizers, which can be purchased at a specialty store
  • do not forget to occasionally cultivate the soil with a rake
  • mulch the soil with expanded clay

The tomato tree is very voracious, so be prepared for the fact that you will have to stock up on a sufficient amount of special feedings.

You need to feed the plant at the root, it is then that all the useful elements will penetrate into the root system. Do not forget about the moderation of this procedure.

The Octopus f1 tomato is a real miracle of selection. Yes, the tree will require special care and it is not so easy to grow it in our conditions, but the harvest promises to please the gardener with large volumes.

Try growing a tomato giant yourself.

Watch the video: Belgium Giant Heirloom Tomatoes From Seedling To Taste Test. (June 2022).


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