All the intricacies of caring for a garden in winter

All the intricacies of caring for a garden in winter

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When winter comes, many gardeners start worrying about their garden. After all, severe frosts can greatly harm shrubs and trees.

Therefore, proper care of the garden should be provided in winter, which will help all horticultural crops survive the cold season.


  • Shaking off the snow
  • Preparing for winter
  • Root and bark care
  • Shrub care
  • Lawn care

Shaking off the snow

Loose snow may appear at the end of autumn. But it carries with it a danger to apple trees, because many of them have not completely shed their leaves yet.

This also applies to many other plantings, on the shoots of which foliage is still visible. When it snows, it accumulates on the branches, which negatively affects them. In many trees, shoots and branches may begin to break.

Therefore, experienced gardeners advise in this case to start shaking off the accumulated snow. But this should be done carefully, since in winter the tree is especially fragile.

In the future, in December-February, even more snow may fall, from which branches of fruit trees (most often apricots, pears, cherries and other young trees) can also break off. But during this period, the snow lasts for a long time, and over time it only accumulates.

Therefore, you should help the trees by shaking it off their branches. To do this, you can use a long stick with a hook at the end.

With its help, you can reach the branches that are located high. And below you can remove the snow with your hands. But also do not forget about accuracy.

Preparing for winter

It is necessary to prepare the garden for winter in the fall. This requires a general cleaning.

If there are severely damaged trees, they should be cut down. Boards and branches are also cleaned in the autumn. Old bark, lichens, mosses are removed on them.

If a damaged bark has been seen, it is cleaned. After that, do not forget to rinse it with a solution of copper sulfate (3%).

Some trees may have a hollow. It also needs to be cared for. It is necessary to clean it inside, and at the end it is imperative to do disinfection.

This hole should be filled with cement or foam for construction purposes. Dry branches should also be eliminated.

Root and bark care

Many pests settle in the bark of trees for wintering. For this reason, the trunks (trunks) need to be painted with garden paint. You can also use slaked lime.

To prepare it, you should connect the following components to each other:

  • a bucket of water
  • 0.5 - 0.6 kg of copper sulfate
  • 2.5 kg limestone
  • kilogram of clay

Do not forget that the stems are initially well cleaned. All wastes that have formed after cleaning must be burned, as they can infect a healthy plant. Often there is practically no snow on the ground on frosty winter days.

In this case, the roots of the trees need help. Indeed, under such weather conditions, they can freeze over.

Therefore, gardeners advise covering the area near the trunk with humus, straw or something else in order to raise the temperature of the earth by several degrees.

The weather is often unpredictable. After long snowfalls, a thaw may begin. From this, all plants receive an excessive amount of moisture, which ultimately leads to rotting of the roots.

To protect the tree from such a problem, you should mulch and spud the soil in the autumn.

Often young trees suffer from rodents and hares. In this case, it is required to wrap the trunks. Suitable for this:

  • mat
  • Rabitz
  • branches of coniferous trees

In this way, young cultures can be saved from unwanted guests. You can also scare them away.

For example, mint will save from mice, and sawdust, which should be soaked in creolin, from hares. There may be mummified fruits on the trees. They should be removed as they attract pests.

Birds can be of great benefit. They are able to rid the tree of many different pests.

For this reason, it is recommended to lure them into the garden during winter. To do this, you can hang nests for different species of birds. They should be filled with food for these saviors.

You should also be wary of bacterial bark cancer, which involves the defeat of the bark by bacteria and fungi.

These harmful creatures penetrate cracks that have appeared from severe cold or burns. In this case, the crust begins to darken and flake off.

If this disease affects a branch, then it will die in the near future. This disease is even more dangerous for the tree when the bole is affected. In this case, the whole tree will die.

There are many carriers of the disease. But without proper help, it can infect an entire garden over a period of time.

A video on how to prepare young trees for winter:

Therefore, you should take good care of the tree, pay attention to its bark. Also, do not forget about cleaning and coloring the stem. In this way, the onset of the disease can be prevented.

Shrub care

Many people plant shrubs near their homes. They also need winter care. Do not forget to water them until the ground is completely frozen.

Often they are planted near the house itself, so they are often covered with awnings, which is why they do not receive proper moisture. Shrubs that have been wrapped in plastic or other protective material during the fall should be checked periodically.

If the garden is decorated with pots of plants, then they should be covered in winter. And if severe cold has come, then it is better to bring them to the garage or other room.

All dry leaves must be removed. This will prevent root rot.

Many bushes, which delight with their green appearance all year round, can be damaged by snow. You need to follow the weather forecast.

If snowfall is warned, then the bush needs to be tied with a thread. In this way, it will not lose shape. Accumulated snow should also be removed.

If there is a climbing plant, then the supports should be periodically checked during winter. If they are damaged, they need to be repaired.

Lawn care

The lawn also needs maintenance. When the lawn is covered with a little frost, it is better not to walk on it. There is no need to mow the lawn in winter, as its growth has practically stopped.

You need to pay attention to roses, as frost can negatively affect them. Gardeners are advised to periodically compact the soil near these plants. The ground should not be loose.

In addition to garden crops, you should pay attention to fences, as after some time they need to be repaired.

You need to be careful with climbing plants. If they need to be removed for a while, then this should be done carefully.

If necessary, process the fence along which the vine is woven, it must be covered with polyethylene.

You should constantly remove foliage that has already fallen. You can use a broom to do this. In this way, new shoots are protected from infections on fallen leaves.

This should continue to be done until the foliage is no longer at all.

Also, don't forget about the tools. For example, a lawn mower needs to be revised before winter.

You should pay attention to the blades, remove the remnants of grass and soil, clean it, and then leave it for the winter.

All other tools that are used in the garden must also be sharpened, cleaned and left to be preserved.

If they are made of metal, then it is recommended to wipe them with a cloth soaked in oil. This will prevent rusting.

Those who have reservoirs in the garden should check them before winter. All pumps must be cleaned.

If a fish lives in a reservoir, then you can purchase a special pump that maintains a certain water temperature, so it does not freeze completely. You also need to collect all the leaves near the pond.

So, with the arrival of winter, all the plants in the garden need the help of their owner, so do not forget about them.

Watch the video: Preparing Your Garden For Winter (June 2022).


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