Soleirolia: care and advice for growing

Soleirolia: care and advice for growing

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Soleirolia is an ornamental plant that covers the surface of the earth in its natural environment, and at home it looks like a fluffy ball, thanks to its small leaves. There will be no particular difficulties in caring for the plant if you follow all the recommendations.


  • Soleirolia: plant description
  • Preparing to plant a plant
  • Conditions for growing saline
  • How to care for a plant
  • Possible care problems

Soleirolia: plant description

This is an ornamental ground cover plant of the Nettle family with creeping shoots. Grows in natural conditions near lakes, rivers, swamps and water bodies. The stems of saltyrolia are fragile and thin and their shoots are covered with small green leaves. Their size reaches 5 ml. The leaves are round or oval in shape. The plant blooms in spring, but the small white flowers are lost in the green leaf of the leaves.

The plant almost never blooms at home. Quite often this flower is confused with Nertera. These two plants have similarities, but Nertera blooms profusely and has bright red berries. Salt can be decorated with aquariums, conservatories, terrariums or simply planted in hanging pots.

This plant can be grown separately, as well as complementing other flowers or making various compositions. Several varieties of plants have been bred with leaves of silver and yellow, as well as bordered with a white stripe. After 3-4 years, decorativeness is noticeably reduced, therefore it is recommended to propagate the plant. This can be achieved in several ways: by seeds, dividing the bush, rooting the shoot, cuttings.

Preparing to plant a plant

To build up the vegetative mass, it is necessary to properly plant and care for the plant. For planting salt, you need to use a neutral soil. The soil should be loose and moisture-permeable. You can prepare the potting soil yourself or buy it ready-made in the store.

Take turf and leafy soil in equal proportions, add peat and sand. If it is not possible to prepare the soil mixture yourself, then in the store you can buy soil for palm trees or violets. After the purchase, the salt must be transplanted. This is usually done in 12-14 days.

This time is enough for the plant to adapt to home conditions. The pot should be chosen wide. It is imperative to make holes at the bottom of the container to drain moisture. Next, pour small stones in the form of expanded clay or pebbles.

Then pour the potting soil into the pot without reaching the edge. Then slightly moisten and place the plant neatly over the surface and press the roots. Cover the roots with the remaining soil mixture. Shoots should be on the surface. You can spray the plant until new shoots appear. Then watering is carried out as usual.

Conditions for growing saline

Decorative nettle is very whimsical in home care. Therefore, for the good development of the plant, the necessary conditions should be created. The plant loves diffused lighting. The air temperature should be within 20 degrees. The maximum temperature can be 25 degrees, but then it is often necessary to moisten the soil.

Do not place a container with a pot on a windowsill in direct sunlight. The leaves will begin to dry. The sun's rays negatively affect the development of plants. Soleirolia does not tolerate hot weather, low temperatures, and will not grow without daylight. In winter, you should take care of additional lighting in the form of phytolamps or fluorescent lamps.

The air humidity in the room where the salt solution is located should be 60-80%. It is necessary to spray the plant every day. The above are the main recommendations that must be followed when growing salturonia at home.

How to care for a plant

Soleirolia is a moisture-loving plant. If the earthen lump is dry, then most of the shoots will dry out. It is not recommended to place the pot next to the batteries. Dry air adversely affects the plant. The plant should be sprayed daily. It should be remembered that the procedure cannot be carried out under the scorching rays of the sun.

It is recommended to grow salturolium at a temperature of about 20 degrees in the summer and at least 10 degrees in the winter. At the same time, watering of plants is reduced. It is better to pour salt through a tray. Pour water into the pan, put the container for several hours. The remaining water must be drained, but not left, as the plant does not tolerate stagnant moisture.

It is recommended to use only room temperature water. Young bushes should be watered every 2-3 days. Increase watering in hot weather. Fertilizers are applied during the period of active growth in liquid form. Enough to make 1-2 times a month. As a top dressing, a universal complex fertilizer for ornamental plants is used.

The concentration should be 2 times lower than indicated in the instructions. In autumn and winter, feeding is stopped. It is important not to forget about timely spring pruning. The strongest shoots are left, and the rest are cut out. Thus, plant growth is stimulated, new stems will be strong and leafy. Soleirolia tolerates pruning well, so you can give the plant the desired shape.

Possible care problems

Even experienced gardeners can have problems when caring for salt. If the plant begins to wither, the leaves dry out, then the problem is insufficient watering or dry air. If there is stretching of the stems, slow growth of the plant, then this indicates an insufficient amount of nutrients and poor lighting.

When the leaves dry and silvery-brown spots appear on them, the plant should be shaded. This is due to excessive exposure to sunlight. It is necessary to put the pot in a different place. If the leaves turn yellow and fall off, the number of watering should be reduced and excess moisture should not be left in the pan.

These are the main problems that can arise when growing salturolium. It is important to follow the listed recommendations and not violate the rules for caring for the plant, then it will be possible to prevent the occurrence of possible problems during care.

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