How to plant a cactus: the main secrets of reproduction

How to plant a cactus: the main secrets of reproduction

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Cacti are amazing plants that are often grown at home. To ensure the correct reproduction of a flower, you need to know how to plant a cactus? For this purpose, it is recommended to adhere to certain recommendations.


  • Types of cacti
  • What is the best season to plant a cactus?
  • How to plant cacti with seeds?
  • How to plant a cactus without roots?

Types of cacti

Plants belong to the category of succulents and are characterized by a huge number of varieties. At home, cultivation is carried out:

  1. Notocactus. They are characterized by abundant flowering, which is periodically renewed. The stem of the culture is spherical, at the top of which the appearance of funnel-shaped flowers is observed. They have petals in several rows, which are characterized by delicate shades.
  2. Mammillaria. This is the most popular home-grown cactus species. Between the needles there is a white spider web that entwines the ball. The flowering of the culture is observed at an early age. The plant is characterized by a rather interesting arrangement of flowers - at the top in the form of a wreath.
  3. Cereus. The cactus reaches a height of more than 50 centimeters and may have thorns or be characterized by their absence. The plant cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Cacti, depending on the species, can bloom at night or during the day. The culture has large white flowers.
  4. Rebution The flower is characterized by the presence of a spherical stem, on which very long spines are located. The plant has a very bright and abundant flowering. Due to the presence of a large number of types of cacti, it is possible to choose the most acceptable option for a florist.

What season is the best time to plant a cactus?

In order to ensure a high survival rate of the culture, it is necessary to know in what season it needs to be planted. Most experts recommend transplanting the plant during the dry season. Transplanting of young and fast-growing cacti can be carried out every year.

The transshipment of adult plants is carried out once every several years. You can determine the need for the procedure by the fact that the root system does not fit in the pot. In this case, during the transplantation period, it is recommended to use a larger pot than the previous vessel. Transplanting cacti should be carried out at a certain time, which will positively affect their survival rate.

How to plant cacti with seeds?

Reproduction of cacti is often carried out using seeds. You can use an inexpensive seed mix available at specialty stores to grow the plant. In order to avoid the development of infectious diseases, it is recommended to pre-disinfect the seeds.

To do this, it is necessary to dissolve potassium permanganate in water until a pink color is obtained and place the seeds in it for 10 hours. Due to the swelling of the seeds, their germination process will be significantly accelerated. It is recommended to plant seeds in February. A mini-greenhouse is being installed on the south side. It can be built from a variety of improvised means.

In this case, cake packaging is quite effective. Before planting the seeds, a soil mixture is prepared, which includes large quantities of coarse sand. In order to avoid the appearance of various diseases, the soil must be steamed in a water bath before planting seeds.

In the greenhouse, grooves are made, several centimeters deep.

It is necessary to put seeds in them, which are covered with a small layer of soil. After that, the greenhouse is watered. In order for the seeds to germinate as quickly as possible, it is necessary that the room is warm and light. Growing cacti from seeds is a simple procedure. In this case, the florist only needs to adhere to certain rules.

How to plant a cactus without roots?

Reproduction of an indoor flower is often carried out using shoots. It is best to carry out the procedure in the spring and summer period. The shoots from a large cactus must be separated as carefully as possible, which will exclude the possibility of damage. The process is detached in most cases using a sharp knife.

For planting the offshoot, the use of sandy soil is recommended. A piece of the appendage is applied with a cut to the ground. It is strictly forbidden to sprinkle the process with soil mixture. After that, the plant is watered so that the baby does not move during this procedure. In order to eliminate the possibility of stagnation of water in the pot, as well as decay of the appendix, it is necessary to make high-quality drainage.

For this purpose, expanded clay is placed on the bottom of the pot. Disembarkation of the baby in the pot is carried out in the center. Beforehand, it is necessary to make a deepening in the ground. For watering the plant after planting, it is recommended to use water that settles for a week. After planting the shoot, it is recommended to sprinkle it daily.

The cactus is a very beautiful plant that many people dream of. Planting a plant is carried out using seeds or shoots. To ensure its survival, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules for its cultivation.

Video about the correct transplant of a cactus:

Watch the video: How to replant cactus? Basic gardening tips on growing cactus plant at home (June 2022).


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