Tomato Japanese truffle black, the benefits of the variety, the features of cultivation

Tomato Japanese truffle black, the benefits of the variety, the features of cultivation

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Seeds with the unusual name "black Japanese truffle tomato" appeared on the shelves of specialized stores. The variety is rapidly gaining popularity.


  1. The original name of tomatoes is the reason for the increased attention to the variety
  2. About the usefulness of tomatoes
  3. Tomato Japanese truffle black variety description
  4. Characteristic
  5. Diseases and pests

The original name of tomatoes is the reason for the increased attention to the variety

Not everyone can safely walk through and not turn their attention to such an original name for tomatoes. It is difficult to argue that the name has nothing to do with Japan, just like the truffle, but one should definitely praise the creators of the amazing name. Creativity in solving the problem of promoting a new variety is on the face. The original marketing ho did not go unnoticed by amateurs - gardeners and owners of summer cottages.

But the variety is famous not only for its specific name. It is interesting in the shape of the tomatoes and the increased density of the pulp, which is ideal for canning.

About the usefulness of a tomato

Tomatoes have long been a popular vegetable used fresh and used for processing. Various sauces, all kinds of pastes and preservation in various kinds of marinades - this is a small fraction of the cooking options for this vegetable.

Tomatoes have gained popularity not only in our country. This happened - thanks to the original taste, bright aroma and consistency. In addition, the composition of tomatoes contains a lot of antioxidants useful for the human body, vitamins of various groups, trace elements, and so on.

It is also worth noting that tomato fruits contain choline, which helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, while it has a very positive effect on the functioning of the immune system.

It is impossible to imagine the preparation of many dishes without the use of a tomato. In some, it serves to decorate and give a subtle flavor, in others it is the main ingredient. The fruits of the black truffle are endowed with all the necessary properties for a tomato.

The variety is named after the mushroom because its fruits are similar in shape to the mushroom. Tomatoes of the variety have several subspecies, differing from each other in the color of the fruit, which can be red, black, orange or pink.

Tomato Japanese truffle black variety description

The bush can grow up to 1.5 m in height. The fruits are large enough and weigh about 200 grams, have longitudinal ribbing, and are quite dense. The formation of a bush occurs from a maximum of two stems, on which 5 - 6 brushes are formed with fruits of 6 - 7 pieces.

Black Japanese truffle belongs to varieties that are famous for good ovary, long storage process without processing and a high degree of resistance to diseases, especially late blight.

Sowing truffle seeds for seedlings should be two months before the planned planting. The period from planting in the ground to ripening of fruits fluctuates around 120 days. The harvest will delight gardeners with stability and wealth.

The variety is practically not susceptible to diseases, it tolerates summer cold snaps without problems.

The cultivation of black truffles can be carried out both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. The only plus of growing in a greenhouse is getting a higher stem and, accordingly, the formation of more brushes and fruits on them.

Tomato Japanese truffle black characteristics and description of the variety

Although there is a country in the name of the tomato, the variety was bred in Russia back in 1999 and received registration. After a certain number of years, due to its good taste and high immunity, it has become very popular with both farmers and amateur gardeners.

This type of tomato belongs to heat-loving plants. Therefore, breeding is best done in regions with warm and stable climatic conditions, or resort to the help of well-equipped greenhouses.

The main advantages of the variety can be considered: its high resistance to diseases of various kinds, the possibility of storage for a sufficiently long period, good taste.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting: regular and high-quality fertilizing, requirements for maintaining a certain temperature regime, fragility of brushes with fruits without an unorganized support in time.

Diseases and pests

Despite the high immunity of the Japanese truffle, it can suffer from diseases, this is a black leg. It appears when the gardener owner does not provide the bush with proper or insufficient care.

To get rid of the black leg of a tomato, first of all, you need to reduce the volume and number of waterings. If the diseased plant is in the greenhouse, then regular ventilation will still need to be done.

In order to fix the result as much as possible, you will need a solution of potassium permanganate. Do it in a ratio of 1 g of substance per 10 liters of water. The solution is poured over the diseased plant.

With regards to pests, thrips or melon aphids can adversely affect the condition of the black truffle. In the fight against them will help a drug called "Bison", which is sold in specialized stores.

On rare occasions, whiteflies infest Japanese black tomatoes. A drug called Confidor, which can also be purchased in the same stores, will help in the fight.

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