Fat woman, signs and superstitions associated with donation, purchase, damage

Fat woman, signs and superstitions associated with donation, purchase, damage

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The money tree is a plant that can be found in almost any home. Signs and superstitions associated with such a plant as the fat woman have repeatedly proved their weight, so they should not be ignored.


  1. Fat woman, or crassula, description of the plant, its meaning in the house
  2. How to properly plant and transplant Crassula
  3. Signs and superstitions associated with a fat woman: is it possible to have two such flowers in the house
  4. What to do if the money tree died, what signs are associated with its fall, breakage
  5. Is it possible to throw out a fat woman, how to properly throw out a money tree
  6. Is it possible to take someone else's money tree into your house, is it possible to give it
  7. Is it possible to sell a fat woman and give shoots to friends
  8. The money tree bloomed - what does it mean

Fat woman, or crassula, description of the plant, its meaning in the house

Crassula (bastard or money tree) is a typical succulent. This can be recognized by its massive stem and large, fleshy leaves. At home, it grows up to one and a half meters in height. If you are especially lucky, on an adult plant, you can see light-colored flowers that collect in small inflorescences on the upper parts of the branches.

The name Crassula is practically unknown to people who do not specialize in floriculture. But everyone knows such a flower as a money tree. It is curious that, in addition to these three names, it has two more: the monkey tree and the tree of happiness.

The common name came from the external resemblance of the leaves of the plant to coins. This fact has given rise to many beliefs according to which the fat woman in the house is a beacon of positive energy, which minimizes any negative fluctuations. As a result, the crassula on the windowsill maintains a harmonious atmosphere in the room.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, it also affects the financial side of the owner's life. In order to increase and strengthen the well-being, it is recommended to initially put a flower pot by the window that faces the south or southeast side and watch its growth.

Feng Shui specialists directly associate changes in the appearance of the plant with the financial well-being of the inhabitants of the house. If the leaves and stem are fleshy, green, there is no damage to them, then the well-being of the family increases.

The succulent's ability to extinguish negative emotions by spreading positive ones makes it an almost indispensable inhabitant of any apartment garden.

How to properly plant and transplant Crassula

Many owners of this flower are sure that its rapid and active growth is due to the fact that when planting, they took into account the signs and superstitions associated with Crassula.

So in order for the fat woman to contribute to the flow of money into the house, when planting it, it is recommended:

  • Choose an exceptionally small sprout, in no case stopping the choice with an adult. Ideally, the best way to grow Crassula is considered to be propagation with a leaf stolen from an adult plant that grew in the house of a wealthy family;
  • If the plant is purchased, you should definitely give a couple of metal coins for it;
  • When choosing a container for disembarkation, pay special attention to the red color. It is a color that promotes the flow of money;
  • In order to recharge the offshoot with financial energy, it is recommended to pour coins on the bottom of the pot before planting it;
  • It is not recommended to forget about the need to transplant a flower as it grows;
  • When watering and spraying, you can quietly whisper your desires. In no case can we talk about financial problems and failures, it is important to recharge the flower with positive energy. It is even possible to outline future welfare in detail. Humidify as the earth dries out.

It will be associated with its planting no less than with its appearance and daily care. Therefore, before you land it, it is worth familiarizing yourself with a few key signs, so as not to be mistaken.

Signs and superstitions associated with a fat woman: is it possible to have two such flowers in the house

There are not so many beliefs associated with it, and each of them is worth paying attention to.

The main signs and superstitions associated with the fat woman:

  • You need to plant in a red pot, but if it is not at hand, you can simply tie a red ribbon on the pot or paint something on it with red paint, which is a symbol of financial flow;
  • In order to activate the circulation of finance in the house, you can hang a couple of bills on the branches. They can be removed after some time and spent, but new ones must be placed in their place;
  • If a small branch is presented to the house, profit awaits you in the future. If the gift was made by an adult plant, a big profit is not far off;
  • If you start to fade, it is important first of all to remember how this succulent got to you. If adults are not afraid. But, if it was grown by you, then its connection with finances in the house is very close and it is recommended to pay special attention to this. First of all, cut off the damaged parts, treat with a solution. If the flower continues to wither, you need to throw it away immediately, or money problems will begin in the house;
  • If leaves begin to fall, be prepared for a fall in profits;
  • Many people are interested in whether it is possible to have two flowers in the house? Experts do not recommend keeping several representatives of this species in the same room, as they can begin to pull energy from each other, which will slow down growth and negatively affect the financial condition of the owner;
  • It is not recommended to place the pot near electrical appliances. They knock down the flow of monetary energy, which will worsen the atmosphere of the financial situation in the house;
  • Watering the fat woman is best done on energetically active days of the week (Wednesday is best). When directly moistening the soil, be sure to talk to him, tell him about plans related to money, ask for help. Since Crassula is a typical succulent, it can tolerate a lack of moisture, but in the absence of communication, it begins to wither;
  • When rubbing the leaves, be sure to count them, this will increase the financial flow. This is an important procedure because it is believed that the dust that accumulates on the surface of the leaves takes energy;
  • With each large purchase, it is recommended to set aside a coin and put it in a pot, under the root;
  • The most powerful influx of monetary energy is attracted not by the purchased or donated, but by the stolen offshoot that was grown in this house.

There is nothing supernatural or unusual in these signs. Most of them are associated with the basic needs of each representative of the flora.

We offer you to watch an interesting video about the signs associated with the fat woman:

What to do if the money tree died, what signs are associated with its fall, breakage

If the money tree died, you should not panic and attribute a sign of fate to this unpleasant incident.

Before remembering the signs and mysticism, it is worth considering how correct the care was, whether the temperature and humidity were maintained in the house, how often the feeding was done.

Perhaps the reason lies in one of these factors and, if the plant is still alive, it will be enough to correct the error.

However, it is important to pay attention to problems such as:

  • Drying followed by partial shedding of leaves. Do not panic - this is a good sign that portends a quick profit. The peeled leaves need to be collected and put into your wallet for an additional influx of financial energy;
  • Sprinkling all the leaves is a warning, an imminent financial crisis is possible. However, this problem can be prevented by transplanting into a new pot with fertilization;
  • Falling without falling leaves is a sign of an imminent rise in income levels. But, if the money tree fell and the pot broke, or the earth crumbled, there is a danger of developing problems in the financial sector;
  • Crassula damage after a fall is one of the worst signs. It is worth waiting for imminent troubles at work, perhaps a delay in wages or the formation of unforeseen expenses, which will cause severe damage to the family budget.

Sometimes it is worth remembering, after the money tree has broken, what signs can explain this and what such a nuisance can predict. However, you should not treat this with excessive attention, sometimes it can be a simple accident, which can be corrected by cutting off the appendix and raising a new pet.

Is it possible to throw out a fat woman, how to properly throw out a money tree

In connection with the enormous influence that she has, many are wondering whether it is possible to throw out a fat woman? Like any other plant, you can, if necessary, but you need to do it right.

In order not to harm yourself, it is recommended:

  • Before throwing it away, be sure to thank the flower for all the time it has spent with you. Say goodbye from the bottom of my heart;
  • If the plant was grown by you from a small sprout and spent a lot of time in the house, it is worth reuniting it with nature. To do this, it is enough to bury the flower in the ground, which will save the house from the loss of positive energy that has been accumulated in the crassula;
  • If you bought it in a store, the connection with your home is not so strong, it is much easier to get rid of it without harm. You can just put the pot in the entrance, or give it to someone who wants to take care of it further;
  • Another way to get rid of a purchased plant without unnecessary damage is to first separate a small shoot from it for subsequent cultivation. The adult, in this case, can simply be thrown away.

Superstitious people believe that it is impossible to throw Crassula out of the house, this can lead to a complete collapse of the family's wealth.

However, you should not be so categorical, if you know how to properly throw out the money tree, there will be no problems.

Is it possible to take someone else's money tree into your house, is it possible to give it

Another question that often arises among many gardeners: is it possible to take someone else's money tree and can it be gifted? If you decide to present such a gift, you should give it with pure thoughts and sincere wishes for happiness and well-being. In this case, the question of whether it is possible to give a money tree loses its relevance.

Such a gift will be especially good for a wedding, having played an important role in the welfare of the newlyweds. To enhance the effect, you can tie the pot with a scarlet ribbon or tie a few curled bills to the twigs.

It is important when transferring a fat woman to give it wholeheartedly, since otherwise there is a danger of harming not only the one to whom you gave it, but also yourself. Impure thoughts when giving a gift lead to an outflow of financial energy in the donor's home.

If it was presented to you, you should give the donor a few coins, symbolically paying for the gift. This will keep you safe in case the person's thoughts are not as pure as you think.

After the donated plant is in the house for a while, it is better to place it away from other flowers in order to enable it to adapt to the conditions of the new house.

Many people consider Crassula an unsuitable gift, but this is not entirely true. If the transfer of a green pet occurs with pure and good intentions, it will not only not harm, but even benefit.

Is it possible to sell a fat woman and give shoots to friends

If you decide to sell or give away a flower, it is important to focus on this from the moment the shoot is deposited. Only young plants can be sold and transferred to friends, and when growing, contact with them should be minimized.

Crassula, which is originally grown for transfer to another house, is not spoken of as a home. This establishes an energetic connection and binds not to the house of the new owner, but to yours.

Sprouts should be given to acquaintances for a symbolic payment for a few coins.

Such a "sale" will finally break the energy ties with your home and help the fat woman get used to the energy of the new place of residence faster.

The money tree has bloomed - what does it mean

This succulent blooms very rarely. Few gardeners can boast that they managed to see its bloom, but if you entered the ranks of these lucky ones - make a wish, it will certainly come true.

The appearance of flowers is a sign of a quick and unexpected enrichment from where you could not have imagined. It can be a lottery won, or an inheritance.

Desires made for the color of the fat woman will surely bring abundant financial flow to the house.

There are not many signs associated with the money tree, but they all deserve attention. There is nothing heavy or overly mystified about them, just a few nuances that will help optimize your financial situation.
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