How to fertilize potatoes?

How to fertilize potatoes?

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Potato is a product that is important for the diet of people and which is grown by many, both for themselves, for food, and for sale. Given the fact that potatoes are usually planted in the same place for several years in a row, their quality and yield decrease, therefore potato fertilization is an important part of the work and this is very important for private traders.

How to fertilize potatoes?

Now you can find all kinds of fertilizers that are sold in all specialized stores. But the most popular remedy is animal waste - manure. There are two ways to use this fertilizer: local and widespread. Local - this is the placement of manure directly into the hole or furrows, where the tuber will then be placed. Spreading method is when manure is spread evenly over the entire plot and then covered up.

When there is no manure or little use of it, composts consisting of plant residues, household waste, ponds (silt, sapropel) or chicken droppings, but you need to be extremely careful with the latter, exceeding it leads to a decrease in potato yield and loss of its taste.

The owner decides how to fertilize the potatoes, but in the absence of the above funds, they turn to fertilizers created by various companies. To increase the yield, it is better to use mineral fertilizers.

It is worth considering the type of soil on which the potatoes will grow, as follows:

- on loamy, sandy, sandy loam soil, potatoes need nitrogen;

- on black soil in phosphorus;

- on drained peatlands and river floodplains in potassium.

Early potatoes consume all nutrients more intensively, therefore they need more feeding than late ones.

The best option when both types of fertilizers are used: organic and mineral.

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