Stands for flowers with their own hands, models from different materials for the house and the street

Stands for flowers with their own hands, models from different materials for the house and the street

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Flowers are an excellent tool for creating a beautiful interior and design of any apartment, house, garden and suburban area. The more flowers planted, the better.

But a large number of flower pots are difficult to arrange neatly in a home space. You can solve this problem by making do-it-yourself flower stands.

Their variety will perfectly fit into any design style, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations during production.


  • We make stands for flowers with our own hands, what materials can be used
  • DIY flower shelves on a wooden wall
  • DIY outdoor flower stands from plastic bottles
  • How to make a flower stand at home
  • DIY large flower stand
  • Original stands for flowers at their summer cottage
  • Benefits of a homemade flower design

We make stands for flowers with our own hands, what materials can be used

To create such structures, you can use the following materials:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • wood;
  • wire;
  • combined raw materials.

Metal structures are considered durable and can support large pots. The stand looks very presentable and solid.

The only negative is that proper care is required. Metal requires special processing so that it does not warp or deform.

The plastic shelf is lightweight and versatile. The sections can be freely removed and moved. The material does not require constant maintenance and is not afraid of water, has a variety of color palette. Plastic is flexible enough, so the racks can be given any shape, shape and size.

It is difficult to build such a structure on your own; certain skills are required.

Wooden shelves are more commonly used, although they are the least practical and durable. When watering a flower, water can get on the wooden base, which subsequently causes the material to swell and rot.

To avoid this, the base should be treated with paint and varnish material and not to put the structure in those places of the house where there is a lot of moisture.

Glass coasters look elegant and stylish. However, such a structure requires professional skills and constant maintenance. Glass will not support a lot of weight, therefore it is used only for small plants, and no more than two pots.

You can break the shelf and get hurt, you shouldn't put it next to the children's room.

The wire should be thick. Use only for lightweight, lightweight stands. Graceful compositions are performed in various styles. They are used for indoor and outdoor applications.

For combined sections, several materials are used simultaneously, for example: wood and metal, plastic and glass.

The structures can support a lot of weight and are well suited for home decor.

The choice always remains with the owner, having weighed all the pros and cons, you can start work.

DIY flower shelves on a wooden wall

They prefer to broadcast shelves made of wood or fiberboard on the wall.

To begin with, it is important to complete all measurements and draw up a drawing in order to then prepare the required material.

The following sizes are considered relevant:

  • 60 centimeters - length;
  • 23 centimeters - width;
  • 70 centimeters - height.

This design will accommodate up to 10 pots.

Three tiers are being built, for the construction you need to purchase in advance:

  • 6 wooden boards, two meters long, 3.5 cm thick, 5 cm wide;
  • 2 two-meter bars, two centimeters thick and two centimeters wide;
  • 20 pcs. nails, from two and a half to four centimeters long;
  • a paint and varnish material that is safe for health, such as acrylic paint.

To work you will need tools:

  • hammer;
  • saw;
  • roulette;
  • sandpaper or mesh;
  • Sander.

Six planks are used to create the shelves and the bars are used to support the rack.

Work plan:

  • Eighteen parts should be made from wooden planks, each length is 60 centimeters. All parts are immediately measured with a tape measure and then cut off with a saw.
  • On the uneven bars, a markup of seventy centimeters is drawn, as a result, four identical segments will be released, which will be used for the legs. They will hold all the shelves.
  • 23 cm parts are cut from the remaining material.
  • It is necessary to take the prepared legs (bars), lay them out on the desktop so that they lie parallel. On each of them, in the same places, the fastening lines of all three shelves are drawn. The distance between the shelves is thought out in advance, based on the height of the existing plants. Six planks are used to create each shelf. They are connected to each other by 23-centimeter beams. Finally, all sharp and end points are processed with a grinder. The product is completely ready for painting or varnishing.
  • The structure is fixed to the wall with nails (instead of nails and a hammer, you can take a screwdriver and self-tapping screws).

DIY outdoor flower stands from plastic bottles

Stands for flowers on the street can be made from any material at hand, the main thing is to be smart. For example, racks made of plastic bottles look quite stylish; they are not afraid of dampness, rain and other natural elements.

To prepare the product, you need to take:

  • PVA glue;
  • adhesive tape;
  • toilet paper
  • thread skein;
  • paper napkins
  • plastic bottles (thirteen pieces);
  • beads, beads, you can use lentil grits
  • gilded paint;
  • thick cardboard paper.

Cooking rules:

  • 12 eggplants are connected with tape, so that six pairs are obtained. The lower part is formed from the first three pairs. One remaining bottle without steam must be inserted into the middle of the structure, it is important that the neck of the bottle protrudes five centimeters.
  • Do the same with the other three paired eggplants, this will be the top. You don't need to do the middle.
  • Now you should carefully connect the top to the bottom, inserting with the necks down. The bottle in the center is the stem of the stand.
  • The next step is to wrap the product with paper, at the same time re-coating the PVA. As it dries, the same process is performed with paper napkins, two or three more layers should be obtained. Leave the rack to dry overnight in a dry place.

Now you can draw any drawing or ornament, according to the owner's taste. Let's take the floral version as an example. Leaves are cut out of thick cardboard, and flowers are made of beads. Cuttings and a stem are made from the thread.

All blanks are glued to the surface in accordance with the drawn ornament.

The final touch is the gilding of the stand. It is necessary to paint with several layers of paint so that moisture and water cannot ruin the paper.

Several models can be made, and the stands can be installed parallel to each other

How to make a flower stand at home

To make the stand yourself, besides the choice of material, you should pay attention to other nuances.

The owner must decide on the color, shape of the structure and texture. The product will turn out to be unique, since during the work you can come up with a special design suitable for the room and interior.

There are two rack options:

  • wall;
  • floor.

Also, the choice of design depends on the number of flowerpots.

There are such models:

SingleThey can be used as a floor or suspended type. Small pots with climbing or densely flowering plants look very original
DoubleFor this species, it is important to choose flowers of the same type so that you can care for and water in the same way. Can be used for large shrubs
Multi-seatIf you hang the shelf, it is worth calculating so that the plants do not interfere with each other, and the excess weight does not break or overturn the rack. By placing the multi-place shelf on the floor, you can place up to ten pots at the same time

The shape of the racks is also diverse:

  • staircase;
  • corner;
  • round;
  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • rectangular.

Designers recommend opting for the shape of a stepladder and stairs. They can be used for large rooms or for streets, some are installed on balconies. The main thing is to stick to the drawings, and do the rest of the details to your liking.

The advantages of such models are that the plants can be arranged on different tiers, while all of them will receive light evenly, there are no difficulties with leaving.

When performing any work, you should act carefully, strictly adhering to all calculations, otherwise the stand will be uneven or ugly. Do not hope that flower pots will hide all the flaws.

Another original version of a do-it-yourself flower stand, watch the video:

DIY large flower stand

For large and heavy plants, you need to make an appropriate shelf, strong and reliable.

In this case, the following is ideal:

  • forged stand;
  • outdoor wooden shelving.

In such structures, it is imperative to make wheels so that the pots can be transported freely.

It is easy to make a wooden rack by following the instructions.

For the structure you need material:

  • Cutting round board, you can buy at any hardware store.
  • 4 furniture wheels (their size should be selected, taking into account the weight of the flowerpots).
  • Screws.
  • Varnish or moisture resistant paint for wood processing.

The round board should be divided into four equal segments, making notes with a pencil on the inside. Also, two perpendicular lines are drawn from the center. A wheel is attached to the top of each line, which can be attached with screws and a screwdriver.

There is no need to rush, it is important that the wheels are evenly positioned so that the rack is level and stable.

The wooden base is turned over with the wheels down. To make sure of its reliability, you need to put a large pot and roll the flower around the room.

The forged design is suitable for large flowers only if you make it low and single. In this case, the shape can be rectangular, square or round.

Original stands for flowers at their summer cottage

For summer cottages, there are many different original ideas. You can make incredible beauty out of simple things.

List of possible ideas.

Bike rackPlants can be placed on the trunk and front basket. On the rear and front fenders, small boxes can be attached with wire, and pots with flowers can be installed in them. The bike can be painted in any color and is attached to the stump, you can dig pipes into the ground and fix the bike to them
Old shoesSoil is poured into worn boots, sneakers, sneakers, moccasins and shoes and a pot with a plant is installed. The main thing is to make drainage holes in the sole.
Wooden boxThe old drawer can be used as a decorative shelving unit or a flower stand. You can attach the original handle to make the drawer mobile and paint it a bright color
Garden benchThe bench can be used as a shelf. The main thing is that the base is even, so that the containers with flowers are firmly established. Used in this case Country style
Wicker basketFor weaving, you can use a vine. The basket can be made in different shapes and sizes. This option is not only economical, but also environmentally friendly. The main thing is to master the skills of weaving.
Kids toysYou can use a car body, children's watering cans, buckets, nesting dolls. Anything that can be used as a stand. It will turn out to be very fun and original

If you connect your imagination, you can come up with your own version, unusual and unlike any other.

Let's watch a video about making flower stands:

Benefits of a homemade flower design

One of the great benefits of homemade products is cost savings. Store racks are expensive, and it is not always possible to choose the appropriate model for your interior design.

It is important to stock up on materials, tools and patience, and everything will work out!

Also, not all purchased products are of good quality. Over time, the racks are deformed, losing their presentable appearance and shape. It is difficult to find sections that are different from others and are suitable in size, so it is difficult to maintain individuality and surprise others with originality.

Making a product with your own hands, you can get a lot of positive emotions. Everything is at your disposal: the choice of color, design, shape, size, location.

The floor stand on wheels is convenient because it can be rearranged at any time. You can create a size suitable for your room so that you do not go around the structure later, and so that it looks neat in any part of the house.

So, stands for flower pots allow you to decorate the room and arrange the plants in a convenient way.

There are many original ideas that can be easily translated into reality, you only need strength, desire and imagination.

If you adhere to the drawing and observe the dimensions, then the structure will last a long time, it will delight the owner and surprise the guests.

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