How to plant oak acorns, sowing time, how to grow bonsai oak in a pot

How to plant oak acorns, sowing time, how to grow bonsai oak in a pot

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Oak in the people represents longevity and power. It is striking the fact that this, living for centuries, a huge tree can be grown from a small acorn.

The main thing is to properly prepare the planting material and carry out the disembarkation at the specified time.

Let's take a look at how to plant oak acorns, when to do it, and how to properly care for it.


  • Tree propagation methods
  • How to plant oak acorns, sowing time
  • Care rules, how often to water the oak
  • How to grow an acorn oak in a pot
  • Is it possible to grow an oak tree from a branch, cutting
  • How to grow bonsai oak
  • Where can you buy red oak acorns

Tree propagation methods

To plant an oak in your garden plot, you can purchase ready-made seedlings in a specialized store or use one of the following propagation options:

  • Reproduction by an acorn. It is necessary to collect acorns in the autumn period, up to 300 pieces, since half of them will become unusable and will not sprout.
  • Reproduction by green cuttings. Cuttings can be cut independently in the forest, from an adult tree. It is important to have specialized tools and skills to complete this procedure.

How to plant oak acorns, sowing time

General rules:

  • You need to choose high-quality planting material. Acorns are best harvested in the fall, when the cap has fallen off the fruit.
  • Now you need to divide the harvested fruits into healthy and damaged ones. Place good acorns in a plastic bag, where vermiculite, moss or sawdust should already be. This will allow you to retain moisture for a long time. The bag is sealed and placed in the refrigerator, you can use the cellar (it is important that the temperature is no more than 8 degrees). From time to time, the bag needs to be opened a little so that the acorns receive oxygen.
  • Closer to spring, the first sprouts will appear, now the fruits can be transplanted into plastic cups. Make the holes shallow, it is important that the whole acorn sinks into the ground. It is necessary to make drainage holes so that there is an outlet for excess water.
  • Further, when the roots become stronger, you can transplant the seedlings into open ground, this can be done throughout the fall.

There is an option of planting acorns directly into garden soil. In this case, the optimal sowing time is spring.

Several acorns should be planted simultaneously in different holes, since not all will sprout and take root.

Let's watch a video about planting an acorn oak:

Care rules, how often to water the oak

The oak tree needs moderate maintenance. It is very important to get rid of weeds in time, to plow the soil around the trunk. Mulching should be carried out using peat and wood chips, the recommended mulch thickness is up to 12 cm.

The pruning of tops and dry shoots is carried out annually in the autumn months.

Attention should be paid to watering. Watering is not carried out during rainy and winter seasons. In a hot period, you need to use drip irrigation. It is important that the right amount of moisture reaches the root, so about 30 liters of water per week should be used for irrigation.

Young seedlings are watered more often, old trees less often. The main feature of irrigation is that water does not accumulate around the trunk. To do this, you need to install drip irrigation so that water does not fall on the trunk, but drips next to it.

These recommendations will help the oak to always look attractive, the plant will be protected from disease and rot.

How to grow an oak from an acorn in a pot

  • There are several growing options:
  • Option number 1. You must put the fruits in a deep container and cover with a wet cloth. When the first sprout appears, the acorn is transplanted into a pot.
  • Option number 2. The fruit is planted immediately in a flowerpot. The pot is covered with special soil by two-thirds, then the fruit is laid horizontally, and covered with earth to the very top.

The stem will not appear soon, so you need to be patient. Vases need to be taken spacious, since oak has a large root system.

Is it possible to grow an oak tree from a branch, cutting

It is possible to grow a good oak from the cuttings, only it is better to use the branches of a young tree. Breeders have found that annual tree cuttings take root better. However, practice shows that this breeding method rarely ends successfully.

The result is also influenced by the time of the cuttings. Young branches should be buried in from the beginning of June to the end of July; cuttings from one-year-old branches root better in the last days of May until mid-July.

In order for the stalk to take root well, you can use the Heteroauxin stimulant. If successful, after 2 years the seedling will begin to grow, at first all its strength is spent on growing roots.

How to grow bonsai oak

Bonsai oak is planted using the same technology as other species.

You can buy ready-made seedlings or dig up young shoots in a park or forest.

To make it easier for the tree to adapt, you need to dig out the seedling along with the soil. The best time for planting is autumn.

In the future, for cultivation, you need to use soil, which consists of 60% inorganic substrate and 40% organic. It is also important to place the plant in a well-lit place, direct sunlight is important.

You can grow an acorn seedling following the general scheme.

Where can you buy red oak acorns

Red oak or other acorns can be purchased online or at a specialty store in your area. During the purchase, you need to pay attention to whether there are any damages, traces of rot, cracks, yellow spots, and other defects on the acorns.

So, when planting an oak, it is necessary to follow all the recommendations, then the procedure will not cause problems, and in the future the tree will be strong and healthy.

Let's watch a video about growing bonsai oak:

Watch the video: Bonsai: Growing an Oak from Seed (June 2022).


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