Planting potatoes with seeds - advantages and difficulties

Planting potatoes with seeds - advantages and difficulties

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The usual method of planting potatoes is considered a vegetative one, when well-sprouted selected potatoes are planted in the beds. But after some time, after a few years, the harvest of even the best variety of potatoes begins to fall.

In this case, experts recommend replacing the planting material. You can buy it in shops for gardeners and gardeners. Of course, at the same time there is a certain amount of risk - at a rather high price, potatoes that do not correspond to the concept of elite can be sold at all, as a result, one can only dream of high yields and excellent qualities of tubers.

A more guaranteed way to obtain high-quality super-elite potatoes is to plant potatoes with seeds. On the one hand, this method has several advantages:

  • the price of seeds is much lower than that of planting mini-tubers
  • potato seeds are stored for a long period - up to 10 years
  • special conditions and storage space are not required.

The most important thing is that the yield grown by the method when planting potatoes with seeds was used will be 8-23% higher compared to the vegetative method of reproduction of tubers. Plants grown from seed are more resistant to disease and less susceptible to adverse environmental influences.

Thus, planting potatoes with seeds will provide an opportunity to obtain a very high quality elite material, which will make it possible to grow potatoes without problem.

It should also be noted that the process of self-cultivation of elite mini tubers is quite painstaking work that requires certain knowledge and patience.

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