Recessed greenhouse for cucumbers

Recessed greenhouse for cucumbers

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Greenhouses have much better conditions for growing cucumbers than outdoors or in temporary shelters. Such a greenhouse should have a southern slope; for this, the northern edge of the box is raised 18-21 cm higher.

The technology for growing cucumbers in a greenhouse is as follows: at the end of February - beginning of March, fresh manure is introduced onto the site (in the process of decay, it provides the plant with heat and carbon dioxide). A few days later, when the fertilizer settles, it is sprinkled with a 25 cm layer of soil mixture (the best option is to use turf soil with humus). The soil is leveled and holes are made in it, the depressions should be no more than 10 - 12 cm. Water the holes with warm water and plant the previously prepared 30 - 35 day old seedlings with compact bushes, 5-8 pieces per square meter. Cucumbers are watered with warm water (about 25 degrees) as the earth dries up, about once every 3-4 days. With the onset of fruiting, the frequency of watering and the amount of water are doubled.

Much attention should be paid to feeding greenhouse cucumbers. The first one is carried out 14 days after planting, fertilized with mineral fertilizers. Two weeks later, organic fertilizers are applied: bird droppings in a ratio of 1 to 10 parts of water or mullein - 1 to 6, 10 g of superphosphate are added to them.

A biofuel greenhouse for cucumbers allows you to plant cucumber seeds earlier and, accordingly, get harvest earlier.

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