Choosing the best varieties of garden strawberries

Choosing the best varieties of garden strawberries

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The very first berry that appears on the site is undoubtedly the garden strawberry, which is known to everyone as a strawberry. But real gardeners have known for a long time that this name is by no means correct.

With good conditions, proper care and the right approach to the choice of varieties, you can achieve a year-round harvest that will delight you with fresh berries, and they are not only tasty, but also useful: a lot of vitamins, trace elements and minerals.


  • What should you pay attention to when choosing a variety?
  • Strawberry varieties of medium maturity
  • Repaired varieties
  • Early ripening varieties
  • Medium early varieties
  • Mid-late and late varieties

And how the children rejoice at the first berries! Even for the sake of this, it is worth mastering the technology of growing garden strawberries. But first, you still need to decide on the variety of this plant. A well-known truth: the better the variety, the more successful the harvest, must be taken into account.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a variety?

When choosing the best varieties of garden strawberries for your plot, greenhouse or balcony (our berry can grow quite well on it), first of all, you should pay attention to:

  • taste of berries;
  • the soil on which the strawberries will grow;
  • disease resistance of the variety;
  • ripening terms;
  • drought resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • size and weight of berries;
  • the yield of the variety.

Breeders have developed a fairly large number of varieties, but not every one is suitable for every climate and soil. The ideal type of garden strawberry, which will combine all the best qualities, does not yet exist. But, based on the experience of gardeners, you can select the best varieties of garden strawberries, which are suitable for the middle lane.

Strawberry varieties of medium maturity

Slavutich is a medium-ripening berry that tolerates winter frosts very well. A bush with good leaves, medium height and a good yield. From 1 sq. m. you can get more than a kilogram of large, juicy, fragrant berries. The variety prides itself on its resistance to gray mold.

Venta is a variety bred by Lithuanian gardeners. It is famous for its very tasty and juicy berries, good yield and average disease resistance.

You can list a few more very good names of medium-ripening strawberries: Krasny Bereg, Orlets, Mashenka, Lord, Fireworks, Yielding TsGL, Holiday, Vima Ksima.

All of the above varieties overwinter well, are quite disease-resistant and very tasty.

Repairing strawberry varieties

Brighton is an American variety. It blooms remarkably and gives a good harvest. Absolutely does not depend on the length of daylight hours. It may well yield up to 9 months of the year. It tolerates winter very well, and the berries reach 50 grams in their mass. If the summer is not very hot, then the fruits of this variety only become larger from the coolness. It is highly resistant to various diseases.

Elizabeth II fully justifies its royal name and is one of the best remontant varieties. The whole season pleases with a high harvest, and the berries are so large and fragrant that, perhaps, you will plant Elizabeth II all the time. The variety does not even need advertising, because every gardener knows about it.

And a few more remontant varieties that have proven themselves perfectly: Sasha, Irishka, Tuscany, Spring, Autumn fun.

Early ripening varieties

Kokinskaya is a variety created by Russian breeders. It endures winter quite well, and the yield gives an average - about 800 grams. per square meter. The fragrant, sweet and sour berry is perfect both for immediate consumption and for jam, compotes and freezing.

Honey is also an American berry, one of the most popular in the world. The fact is that this variety ripens much earlier than many others. At the same time, it gives a friendly harvest and easily tolerates inclement weather. Not afraid of either ticks or gray rot. It is for this that it is appreciated by both agricultural amateurs and professionals. No wonder this variety is widely used in industrial harvesting of strawberries.

And some more very good early varieties: Zephyr, Big Boy, Elvira, Erliglou. All these varieties can be safely bought and planted on your site.

Medium early varieties

Of the mid-early varieties, Dukat, Desnyanka Kokkinskaya, Gigant Dzhornei, Vityaz can be noted.

Absolutely all of these strawberry varieties overwinter very well, are not afraid of gray rot and can be used even frozen.

Mid-late and late varieties

Carmen, Maryshka, Polka, Borovitskaya, Tenira, Zenga-Zengana, Vicoda, Bohemia.

All the varieties listed above are recognized as the best for many reasons: they winter well, give an excellent harvest, fruits are large and even, and also, importantly, they have adapted relatively well to Russian conditions (unstable weather: rains, droughts and frosts).

But it is not enough just to purchase good planting material, you should also remember that each variety needs suitable care.

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