Bush cucumber

Bush cucumber

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Most summer residents are used to growing traditional cucumbers, the stems of which spread and branch up to two to three meters in length. And some do not even imagine that there is a bush cucumber, which belongs to the plants pollinated by bees with a female type of flowering.

This type of cucumber has the shape of a bush, with the length of the main whip is about 60 centimeters, and the side shoots are much smaller. A prerequisite for the cultivation of such cucumbers is open ground. This vegetable is ideal for growing in small areas, as the bushy shape of the plant and short strings make it easy to care for as well as harvest.

Bush cucumber belongs to early varieties of cucumbers. The ripening period is about 48 days. The fruits are small, oblong-ovoid, dark green in color. The average length of the greenery reaches 10 centimeters with a weight of about 100 grams.

The bush type plant has a high yield even under adverse weather conditions due to its resistance to various diseases, for example, olive spot, bacteriosis, powdery mildew.

Bush cucumbers, pleasant to the taste, are characterized by long storage without discoloration of the fruit. The small size of the greenery and the excellent taste make their use universal. Cucumbers are not only suitable for fresh salads, but also for pickling or canning in small glass jars.

Due to its excellent characteristics, bush cucumber is of great interest to breeders. They are actively working on breeding various varieties of bush-type cucumbers.

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