How to grow radishes?

How to grow radishes?

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Radish is beautiful, tasty and healthy, and is the first spring vegetable. Radish should not be planted in a place where its close relatives (cabbage, daikon, radish) were previously cultivated. But if you bury green manures in the ground in the fall, and then plant radishes, you will get excellent shoots.

Radish also dislikes fresh organic fertilizers. It should be planted rarely, at a distance of 4-5 cm, otherwise it needs to be thinned out, otherwise you will not wait for the harvest, all the forces will go into the greenery. The main enemies of radish are fleas; they are easy to deal with with the help of wood ash. The plant requires frequent watering, it is very moisture-loving. Of course, you need to weed and loosen regularly. Here are all the secrets.

I will also tell you how to grow radishes in a greenhouse with cucumbers. They grow on compost, without manure. While the cucumbers are very small, I sow radishes between them, it grows well, until the cucumbers begin to block the sun for him.

Recently, completely new varieties of radishes have appeared, for example "Duro" or "Russian size". Not only is it a very large radish, it is also resistant to shooting and disease. These varieties can be sown every two weeks, all summer, with an excellent harvest.

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