How to plant eggplants

How to plant eggplants

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Fresh vegetables and fruits from their own garden have always been very popular, because in their cultivation and processing in a variety of ways, as a rule, amateur gardeners trust only the most natural preparations. Eggplants have always been one of the important vegetables on our table, because their beneficial properties - pectin, fiber, protein - were known back in the Middle Ages.

So how to grow eggplants in your garden? Most of us are likely to be surprised at this question, because what can be difficult in planting seedlings in the ground and regularly caring for young plants? But eggplant care has its own secrets and moments of success.

Many hobby gardeners are wondering how to grow eggplant from seed. Before sowing seeds into the soil, they must be disinfected in a solution of potassium permanganate or in aloe juice. Before sowing, the seeds must be soaked for about a day and preferably in snowy water, because the seeds are sown in early spring. The soil for seeds is prepared from the following components - compost, sand in equal parts and two parts of humus. The soil is allowed to stand for a week.

The seeds are planted to a depth of 5 mm and sprinkled with sand. Tie the container with eggplant seeds with foil and put in a warm place, preferably on a battery. Allow the seeds to breathe for about 10 minutes daily. After the plants rise, place the eggplant in a bright place.

Watering eggplants is necessary once every 6 days, periodically feeding the soil, you can even just water with eggshells.

It is necessary to plant eggplant seedlings in an area where they will not be disturbed by drafts and there will be a lot of sun.

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