Strawberries Lyubava, Elizabeth 2, Brighton, Festivalnaya - better remontant varieties of strawberries

Strawberries Lyubava, Elizabeth 2, Brighton, Festivalnaya - better remontant varieties of strawberries

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There are a large number of strawberry varieties, they all differ in the weight of the fruits, conditions of keeping, growing, color. Any sort of strawberry is healthy and tasty, since the strawberry contains: vitamin C, A, PP, B2, K, B9, various microelements, for example: manganese, iodine, cobalt, etc.


  • Types of strawberries for fruiting
  • Description of remontant varieties
  • Planting and care rules
  • Medicines to protect against diseases

Types of strawberries for fruiting

Strawberry varieties can be divided into:

  • fruiting only once a season, these varieties are also divided into early, late varieties and those that ripen on time (strawberries Diamant, Albion, Diamant, etc.);
  • remontant, that is, those that will bear fruit all season (strawberries Lyubava, Elizabeth 2, Festivalnaya, Brighton, etc.).

Description of remontant varieties

One of the most popular among remontant varieties is Elizabeth 2.

Yields very large fleshy sweet-sour berries weighing, sometimes about 100 grams, bright red with a pleasant forest berry smell. Fruiting evenly throughout the summer. Strawberry bushes are powerful, give few whiskers and leaves, have high winter hardiness and resistance to diseases, but can be affected by gray rot in too rainy summers.

Strawberry Lyubava is a relatively new variety of remontant strawberries, which gives medium-sized dark red berries weighing up to 30 grams of oval-rhombic shape. The berries have the taste of wild strawberries, they tolerate long-term transportation and frost perfectly. Strawberries are resistant to various fungal leaf diseases and tolerate frost better than any other strawberry.

Brighton strawberry is a highly flowering variety, the berries are red, conical and large, reach 50 grams in weight, have a very sweet taste. They have a pineapple flavor, dense berries. The density of berries is an excellent indicator for long-term transportation from the site to the city.

Festivalnaya strawberry is a high-yielding strawberry variety, the berries are oblong, bright red and large. It is resistant to any pests and diseases. At the first harvest in the season, the berries are large, up to 45 grams, the subsequent ones become smaller. But even small berries appear all the time until late autumn.

Planting and care rules

Since strawberries have a shallow and delicate root system, they should not be planted in lowlands or where groundwater is close. If there are no more elevated and dried places on the site, then raised beds are made for planting strawberries. Ridge landings are also good.

In the south and in hot dry areas, strawberries are planted in a trench. The place is chosen taking into account the absence of spring floods. In search of interesting and new technologies for growing remontant strawberries, pay attention to the agricultural technology of planting in long-tier beds, as well as barrels.

Another interesting planting method is growing remontant varieties in plastic bags in closed ground.

This method was invented in Holland. To do this, take bags of about 15 cm in diameter from highly dense polyethylene. They are placed in layers, making the plantations compact. In addition to bags, you can use elongated containers and any other plastic containers. It is just then that the installation of the beds rises.

Racks with bags filled with potting mix should be positioned with light. Sprouted seedlings are planted there. Then they provide regular watering and feeding. As you can see, this method is very interesting in terms of costs and has a great return in the harvest.

Care after planting in open ground is well described in our publications. There is a method where covering materials are used, as well as mulching from organic residues. If you decide to use roofing material, then in the hot season it should be sprinkled with light straw, or sprinkled with lime. This will reduce the exposure to solar radiation and prevent the roots from overheating.

Medicines to protect against diseases

To protect plantings from gray rot, it is good to use natural preparations. Fungicidal properties are possessed by such biological products as Fitosporin, Gamair, Alirin-B. Also, immunity to fungal infections of strawberries is excellently raised by Glyocladin. It should be used one tablet in each well twice a season. And when spraying with Fitosporin, Gamair, Alirin-B, withstand a three-week break.

The listed drugs have no phytotoxicity, they are safe for insects and humans. There is no waiting period. After 48 hours, the berries can be eaten safely. In addition, biological products of this kind heal the soil environment, and also regulate the balance of pathogens in the area.

Having strawberries on site is always gratifying. Children enjoy it with pleasure, it is always pleasant on the summer table. And for a long harvest, it is better to choose remontant varieties of strawberries, they delight with their beautiful berries from spring to the very frost. Plant these wonderful plants, and your children and grandchildren will always have something to eat in the garden!

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