How and when to plant onions outdoors

How and when to plant onions outdoors

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One of the most common plants in our areas is onion. In this regard, novice summer residents and lovers of their own greenery have a question: how and when can you plant onions in open ground?

Planting onions does not take much time and money. It requires a minimum of maintenance, while being resistant to drought and cold.

Before planting, you need to trim the neck of the bulb, but do not overdo it. For those summer residents who have begun their first steps in this direction, it is best to carry out such an operation under the supervision of experienced gardeners.

As a rule, gardeners on their plots change the places of planting of crops grown, since some plants grow well and give a high-quality harvest in one place for only a few seasons. In this regard, the predecessors of onions can be: zucchini, cucumber and white cabbage.

Onions, unlike many other cultures, are less whimsical to the sun and heat. It is quite resistant to cold, therefore, asking the question "When can I plant onions?", You can rely on the advice of experienced summer residents: as soon as possible, as soon as the average daily air temperature is 10 degrees above zero. As a rule, in central Russia, such conditions are created around the end of April.

During the growing season, onions require loosening: at least 5-6 times to a depth of no more than 4-5 centimeters. Plants are watered for the entire period of active growth, but about a month before harvesting, watering should be stopped.

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