Pineapple strawberries: large, tasty and healthy

Pineapple strawberries: large, tasty and healthy

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Everyone is not averse to enjoying juicy and sweet strawberries in the summer! And in winter, I would be happy to open a jar of strawberry jam and enjoy a tea party or a pie full of heat with strawberry filling ... But dreams come true if you know about the secrets of growing strawberries and its especially outstanding varieties.

Today, pineapple strawberries are on the agenda. This is a large-fruited strawberry, its flowers also have a size larger than usual - more than 2 cm. In the wild, it never grew, but was obtained by hybridization between Chilean strawberries and Virginia strawberries. So, in its pure form, what we call strawberries is actually strawberries. Both parental species were brought to Europe in the 18th century from America and made a splash among Europeans.

Strawberries grown on our beds contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and microelements. In addition to the dessert functions, strawberries also have excellent medicinal properties. They help to improve digestion, normalize salt metabolism in the body and even quench thirst! Eating strawberries has a beneficial effect on people suffering from various cardiovascular diseases (for example, hypertension, atherosclerosis), diseases of the urinary and biliary tract, gout. But do not forget that, especially for children, strawberries often act as an allergen.

Pineapple strawberries are of interest as an ingredient for preparing face masks. Strawberry-based masks help to improve skin condition in case of acne, freckles, pigmentation.

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