Hydroponic cucumbers - the main stages of growing

Hydroponic cucumbers - the main stages of growing

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Usually planted in the garden cucumbers, occupy a fairly large area. Being from nature climbing plant, a cucumber, having no support under it, stretches along the soil surface. But when planting cucumbers, you can spend every piece of land reasonably! For this, it was invented hydroponics... Actually, with this planting method, you can do without soil altogether, since the plant receives all the nutrients from a special solution.

Hydroponic cucumbers are grown in several stages:

  1. Sowing cucumber seeds in cassettes... At this stage, the cassette plugs are impregnated with a nutrient solution, then one cucumber seed is placed in their center. To create an optimal moist environment, a small layer of vermiculite should be poured over the seed. For three days, the cassettes should be covered with transparent polyethylene and the air temperature should be maintained within 23-25 ​​° C.
  2. Planting young sprouts in cubes... The cubes also need to be soaked in a nutrient solution. When the cucumber seed germinates and is strong enough, which will take about seven days, they are transplanted into prepared cubes. The sprout does not need to be freed from the cork; everything together should be carefully transferred into a cube. Germination of a plant under such conditions will take 1-1.5 months. The air temperature can be reduced by 1 ° C.
  3. Transplanting matured cucumber seedlings into mats. Again, the mats are soaked with the solution. It is imperative to cut holes in the packaging of the mats that will serve for drainage. The air temperature in the greenhouse must be maintained at around 22-25 ° C. Cucumbers in hydroponics after germination of roots should be grown at an air temperature reduced to 21 ° C.

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