The best varieties of raspberries

The best varieties of raspberries

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Raspberries is an honorable berry plant that gardeners love very much. Every gardener dreams of planting only the best varieties of raspberries on his site.

She loves sunny place location, prefers fertile soil... Watering should be rare and abundant... Planting raspberries should not be too thick, and excess, weak and damaged shoots should be removed immediately.

Now it is especially popular "crimson tree"... It looks like an upright tree with a thick stem and powerful shoots. The berries are large and sweet. The "raspberry tree" is characterized by a high yield.

The best varieties of raspberries are distinguished by high productivity, large and sweet berries, frost and disease resistance. Raspberry varieties such as "Yellow Giant", "Hussar", "Cardinal", "Indian Summer", "Arbat", "Hercules", etc. are considered valuable.

One of the largest-fruited varieties is considered "Yellow Giant"... The berries can reach the size of a walnut. The variety has a high yield and winter hardiness. You do not need to cover it for the winter. Tall bush with thick and strong shoots. This variety is distinguished by its yellow berry color. Variety "Cardinal" similar to the previous variety, but its berries are red. The berries are also very large, but not as sweet.

Having two or three fruit varieties on the plot will provide your whole family with delicious berries throughout the season.

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